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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Technology From MARS That Facilitates Ear-to-Ear Translation With Fewer Buds

MARS goes where ear buds have not gone before.

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when Madeleine was speaking to Dumadi in French wearing ear buds he was hearing her wearing ear buds in Indonesian, the language he understands well because he doesn't speak a word of French beyond "bon jour."

This exchange via wireless ear buds has been made possible through the ear bud translation technology that has been emerging over the last year or so

Now, there is an improvement on that:  MARS wireless earbuds.Using Bluetooth-technology, MARS allows this exchange to take place, not using one pair of earbuds each, but one earbud each. That is, one ear bud per person.

The result of a collaboration of Korean Internet provider, Naver Corporation, and one of its subsidiaries, Line Corporation, and using Naver’s Papago AI (artificial intelligence) translation technology, MARS currently works in more than 10 languages, including English, French, Indonesian and Japanese. That number will eventually rise to more than 40 using Google Translate.

MARS ear buds are designed with a microphone inside which shuts out ambient noise. Another nifty feature of the ear buds is their Clova AI technology. This allows users to make phone calls, receive texts and listen to music using their voice.

MARS should be on the market in early 2018.

Visit and bookmark to learn more about MARS.

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