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On The Wright Wreport, featuring VEVLYN’S PEN, there is space on the right side of the page for banner ads as well as between story links/capsules under The Wright Wreport tabs (Art, Culture, Fashion, Film, Food, Dance).* That is two ad placements for the price of one. Clients create the ad, send us the jpeg, and we upload it to TWW.

Ad positioning under the tabs and on the homepage (on the right side of the page starting from the widget, “SUBSCRIBE TO THE WRIGHT WREPORT”), is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Ads are available in three sizes:

Up to 110 X 100 (Pixels)

Up to 150 x 160 (Pixels)

Up to 220 X 220 (Pixels)

Contact Administrator at with ADVERTISE in subject line to advertise on The Wright Wreport, featuring VEVLYN’S PEN.

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