Thursday, August 4, 2016

ON THE TOWNS: In Texas, a First for Female Filmmakers; Expect Feats (and Feet) of Fancy as Ardani Artists Celebrates 25 Years; 17th Annual Taste of Tennis Adds Appetizers

Yokayam, a strengthening exercise that combines yoga, Indian martial arts and Indian classical dance, is on the workshop schedule for the Indian Festival of Dance. Photo courtesy of Indian Festival of Dance.


THE film world turns its focus on Locarno, which had been going strong for nearly 70 years in Switzerland. On these shores, the Women Texas Film Festival debuts in Dallas, proudly proclaiming that it is "the very first full-fledged film festival in the state of Texas to focus solely on the work of female filmmakers."

Elsewhere, plenty of dance moves are to be found at the Festival of Indian Dance and the spectacular Ardani Artists.

1-7 August

FILM. 3-13 Aug. Festival del Film Locarno. The 69th edition of the Swiss-Italian festival known for featuring trendsetting works and an open-air theater (Piazza Grande)'that can acconmodate 8,000 viewers. Various locations. Locarno, Switzerland.

Sennia Nanua at the Piazza Grande after the screening of her film, "The Girl With All The Gifts," at the Locarno film festival. Photo by Massimo Pedrazzini.

8-14 August

DANCE. 13-15 Aug. IAAC Erasing Borders Festival of Indian Dance. The festival highlights the literary content and language of classical Indian dance through a concert, workshop and all-dance program. The dance program is hosted by the Battery Dance Festival. Pace University and Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park. New York.

15-21 August

THEATER. 18 Aug. - 2 Sept. Gregorian. Working Artists Theatre Project presents the Matthew Greene drama about the triumphs, challenges and tragedies - starting with the Armenian genocide - experienced by four generations of the titular family. Soho Repertory Theater, 46 Walker St. New York.

DANCE. 19-20 Aug. Sergei Danilian presents Ardani 25 Dance Gala. The 25th anniversary of Ardani Artists will feature three U.S. premieres. The gala closes with "Le Divertissement du Roi" choreographed by Maxim Petrov to the music of Jean-Philippe Rameau and featuring members of the Mariinsky Ballet. New York City Center, 130 W. 56th St. New York.

FILM. 19-21 Aug. Women Texas Film Festival. The debut of the first Texas film festival to focus exclusively on the work of women opens with "Girl Asleep," the award-winning comedy from Australian director Rosemary Myers. Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd. Dallas.

22 August and beyond

FOOD, SPORTS. 24-27 Aug. 17th Annual Taste of Tennis (2016).The tennis-party franchise owns the week leading up to the U.S. Open. The main events, over three consecutive days, beginning 24 Aug. are Taste of Tennis Master Class: top chef prepares favorite meal of top tennis player ... the new Taste of Tennis World Team Tennis and Billie Jean King reception ... Taste of Tennis New York Gala: the jewel of the crown features dishes prepared by top chefs with an assist from top players, who may also help serve them up ... and the new Taste of Tennis Pavilion: takes what had recently been the Celebrity Chef Tennis Challenge and adds a Mylan World Team Tennis match and interactive Taste of Tennis Pavilion.

Finally, the Taste of Tennis Player Party has a new venue: the Knickerbocker Hotel. Guests mix and mingle with players, including Feliciano Lopez and Alexander Zverev, who will also be available for photo-ops. Various locations. New York.

ART. Through 25 Sept. 2016. Danny Lyon: Message to the Future. The retrospective of the photographer’s work includes nearly 200 photos and is billed as the first to consider his work as a filmmaker. Whitney Museum of American Art. 99 Gansevoort. New York. http://

Monday, August 1, 2016

In Your Face: In-Person Interviews Get Job Done Better Than Anything Technology's Got

Video interviews received the lowest ratings for desirability in a recent study. Archive photo.


the advent of technology that takes the human component out of too many of life's transactions, it is heartening to learn that one form of human interaction is preferred over any technological simulation: the face-to-face interview.

George Washington University researchers have discovered as much and their paper, “Technology in the Employment Interview: A Meta-Analysis and Future Research Agenda,” is published in the journal, Personnel Assessment and Decisions.

In their data analysis, they found that the face-to-face (FTF) interview got more positive ratings from interviewees and interviewers, followed by telephone interviews and computer-generated interviews. Video interviews received the least favorable ratings.

"We live in a world where we increasingly rely on technology, but this study reminds us that peronal interactions should never be underestimated,” says co-author Nikki Blacksmith, a doctoral candidate at GWU's Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication.

“Many times, the candidate does not have a choice in the format of the interview. However, the organization does have a choice and if they are not consistent with the type of interview they use across candidates, it could result in fairness issues and even possibly a lawsuit.”

NB&Co. based their findings on 12 previous studies (meta-analysis) in which interviewers and interviewees rated job interviews that were both face-to-face and technology-mediated.
Interviewees rated (called applicant reaction) the quality of the interview process, while interviewers rated (interviewer rating) how well the interviewees performed.

Across the board, the FTF interviews were better received by both groups because its format is more susceptible to impression management. This is defined as a set of techniques such as nonverbal behaviors, pattern of speech and visual cues.

Technology-mediated interviews, by contrast, do not lend themselves as greatly to impression management. During a phone interview, for example, there is no visual cue such as a smile from an interviewee that might put an interviewer at ease and more likely to consider him/her as a viable team member.

As for computer-generated interviews, they often do not provide the clarification an interviewee requires to furnish the best or most accurate answer to a question, decreasing the opportunity to make the greatest possible impression on the individual(s) reviewing the responses.

A video interview may have time-lapse challenges, making it appear to an interviewer that an interviewee is not as quick on the uptake or less than forthcoming or downright dissembling.

An interviewee may feel that the lapse is rendering her/him less effective and impressive. These interviews can also induce nervousness. Further, they may not capture nonverbal behavior such as hand gestures, owing to the limited scope of the camera.

Even accounting for improved technology and respondent facility with it, the researchers found that FTF interviews still rated higher than technology-mediated interviews.

The study does have two key shortcomings: only that dozen studies conducted between 2000 and 2007. Further, the most recent data used in those studies dates to 2004.

Of course, more recent study will take into account enhancements that may reveal more positive outcomes for technology-mediated interviews. Researchers strongly suggest
further research be undertaken in this area and make at least four recommendations, including more in-depth analysis of the individual technologies.

The meaning behind such questions as "Tell me about yourself" are addressed in "How to Answer Interview Questions" (Audible – Unabridged Peggy McKee, author; Scott Mille,bone of two narrators).

They write: "It is not sufficient to use the technology type (e.g., video and telephone) as a catchall predictor construct. Instead, we must define the psychological attributes of technologies. The purpose of discussing media in terms of attributes is to focus on the communication exchange process and understand how the medium may contribute or detract from the process."

Still, it is difficult to imagine that in only the last dozen years that technology had advanced to the degree that a technology-mediated interview will get higher marks than an FTF.

An important takeaway: Often enough, old school ways are simply superior and no amount of technology can trump them.

Visit http://www. to read the abstract or downkoad the paper in its entirety.

Friday, July 29, 2016

In 'Jason Bourne,' the Operative Is Back on the Grid Chasing Down His Past With Big Brother in Hot Pursuit

Matt Damon reprises his role as former CIA operative Jason Bourne. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures.

MATT Damon returns to his franchise as the title character in "Jason Bourne." In this latest entry in the series, the CIA operative discovers some long-elusive truths. The film opens nationwide today in U.S. theaters.

"Jason Bourne" is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and brief strong language. Visit http://www.jasonbourne to learn more about the film.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You Want Forgiveness? Don't Hold Your Breath, For It Will Be a Long Time Coming. Possibly Right Before Hell Freezes Over.

Primary school teacher Marcy Lowell uses illustrations to recount the classic tale of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


up and you have much groveling to do to make things right, my friend. You are in the doghouse; the boy who cried wolf.

Science has spoken and we best listen because this has potentially very serious implications. Researchers at the Universty of Chicago Booth School of Business have discovered that once an individual has created an unfavorable impression s/he has to bend over backward, and then some, to begin to create a favorable one.

Imagine the fallout if one has committed a crime. Or adultery?

Titled "The Tipping Point of Moral Change: When Do Good and Bad Acts Make Good and Bad Actors?," the study is published in the journal, "Social Cognition." ... More shortly.

Visit to read an abstract or purchase a pdf of "The Tipping Point of Moral Change: When Do Good and Bad Acts Make Good and Bad Actors."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

From bio (b.e) eyes, a Simple Appeal: 'Buy a frame, Help a child to see'; At Flirt Beauty Boutique, Showing Love for New York

Trying on bio (b.e) eyes sunglasses. Photos by VW.


am greeted by a courteous staff and admonished to choose a pair of sunglasses.

I settle on wayfarers with black frames and black-burgundy temples (including a collapsible case). Done and done. Now, I am challenged with relieving a tray of an inviting glass of rose, swiftly followed by another offering tuna tartare.

Indeed, it is summertime and the living is easy. It is also Day 3 of New York Fashion Week: Men' s S/S 2017.

Moreover, it is launch day for bio (b.e) eyes. It's unfolding on the patio of Hotel Americano. A hotish evening on which a passing shower is forecast.

No one on the patio is concerned. Media and tastemakers are mixing, mingling and fondling frames. Eating, drinking and generally making merry in the cause of good.

The good and the cause: "Buy a frame, Help a child to see." Purchase a pair of bio (b.e) eyes, sold exclusively at Walmart, and part of the proceeds from the sale goes to secure spectacles for a child in need. And all of the fixins, too, including vision screening, eye exams and surgery.

Each pair of bio (b.e) eyes frames sold will help a child with vision problems.

Walmart and the Seva Foundation are partners in this program. This is what the latter does to make the world a better place. All in the cause of preventing blindness. Incidentally, spectacles play a huge role in sight retention.

A light rain has begun to fall. No one is fazed, though. Not the hosts of the bio (b.e) eyes launch, bloggers Natalie Suarez (Natalie Off Duty) and Moti Ankari (The Metro Man). They are laughing and talking, seeming to genuinely enjoy themselves. Seeming to give the rainfall the cut direct: "We will not allow the likes of you to rain on our parade."

Still, the head PR maven secures several patio umbrellas. Inexplicably, the patio awning is broken. "I found out the hard way this morning," reports the unflappable PR maven.

Walmart. Not everybody's favorite, what with allegations of low wages and union-busting, among others. Still, the big box juggernaut deserves at least a grudging nod for this good deed. Certainly, Walmart has the bandwith to handle countless orders of sustainably produced bio (b.e) eyes.

The goal is to get a pair on the bridge of the noses of 200,000 Indian children this year. As of this writing, nearly 80,000 frames have been donated, according to the counter on the bio (b.e.) eyes website (

Attendees at the launch of the bio (b.e) eyes eyewear collection chose from one of four styles of sunglasses. The shades came with a collapsible case in royal blue.

As forecast, the rain was a passing fancy. It has stopped. More revelers have arrived. There is excitement in the air. Rose continues to make the rounds; beer, too. The tuna is a hit. Ditto for the cucumber thingey.

Everybody has a new pair of sunglasses [bio (b.e) eyesstyles] to add to his/her collection and ocassion to wear them right now: sun is slowly breaking through clouds.

It's summertime, and thanks to bio (b.e) eyes, the living is going to be easier for a lot of children.

Visit to learn more about bio(b.e.) eyes and to learn more about the Seva Foundation.

Flirt Does Good Turn for The Big Apple

Flirt Beauty Boutique has started a benefit series for New York City nonprofits. Photos from Annie Watt Agency.


APPARENTLY, Flirt Beauty Boutique
got the memo that declared that charity begins at home.

Natalie Glaser and Nicole Dicocco at Flirt for a Foundation event in support of Trevor NextGen.

The Midtown East full service spa has opened its heart and pocketbook with the event series, Flirt for a Foundation. Through the foundation it supports New York City-based nonprofits.

Last week, Trevor NextGen (a program of The Trevor Project) benefitted from Flirt's generosity.

Attendees at the Flirt affair submitted to manicures, blowouts, brow-shaping and other such services. Twenty percent of proceeds went to Trevor NextGen.

Flirt's haistylist Mila Sopiyeva plying her trade.

The mission of The Trevor Project is to provide crisis intervention and to end suicide among LGBTQ young people 13-24.

Through Trevor NextGen, young volunteers are trained to create awareness about and further the work of the organization.

A value-added benefit of a hot stone massage.

Visit to learn more about Flirt Beauty Boutique and Flirt for a Foundation (also contact Violeta Chulpayev. 646.682.7509).

Friday, July 15, 2016

Last Day, Day 4 NYFWM Spring 2017: Tagging Along With Timo Weiland, Katama and David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx


The players of Last Day, Day 4: Title of Work, David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx, Landlord, Todd Snyder, Katama, Jeffrey Rudes, Palmiers du Mal, Devon Halfnight Leflufy, Parker & Ronen, Orley Timo Weiland, General Idea, Second/Layer, Siki Im, John Varvatos

BEFORE John Varvatos
closed out the last day of New York Fashion Week: Men's S/S17 and the first full year of the tradeshow, designers were tripping.

Timo Weiland went bananas, while David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx strolled down memory lanes, stopping at The Maldives, among other locales.

It was to the beach or some other glittering wateringhole with Katama.

Enjoy the images for now.


Visit to learn more about New York Fashion Week: Men’s, including shows and show times.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 3 NYFWM Spring 2017: Chillin'; Everything Is Copacetic at Thaddeus O'Neil, Thorsun, Nautica and Assembly New York, Which Is Also on Locsdown

From the Nautica S/S17 collection. Photo from Nautica Facebook page.


The players of Day 3: Passavant and Lee, Nick Graham, Kenneth Ning, John Elliott, Assembly New York, Deveaux, Rochambeau, Matiere, Nautica, Thaddeus O'Neil, Tommy Hilfiger, Feng Chen Wang, Zachary Prell, Thorsun, C.P. Company

DESIGNER Thaddeus O'Neil
is explaining his fascination with a Japanese knit from which a shirt in his latest collection is made.

His New York Fashion Week: Men's S/S 2017 presentation is in progress at Cadillac House. Listening, I am reminded of two important truths. More often than not, designers put a lot of thought into their collections. Of course, there is a fair amount of over-promising and under-delivering. But, still.

Second reminder: Regardless of one's milieu s/he often wants to be well-dressed, including TO's surfer audience ...

Whereas Day 2 of men's fashion week was taxing on the brain (Gypsy Sport, for instance), Day 3 is more laidback; easy like Sunday morning / it's summertime and the living is easy.

To that end, Assembly New York considers the notion of balance. Translation: Engaging loose-fitting garments that hang well and look comfortable. B&w and a few prints. Quality, understated silk, terry, organic cotton. Models, all sporting locs.

Going to / hanging out at the beach? Looking for something in subtle prints and/or solids? Well-constructed, well-sourced? Thorsun has you covered.

Elsewhere, there is a new Riviera, bursting with energy; Taittinger is flowing. Grab your passport, pack your rags (Nautica). Bon voyage.

Thaddeus O'Neil

Assembly New York


On deck today, Last Day, Day 4: Title of Work, David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx, Landlord, Todd Snyder, Katama, Jeffrey Rudes, Palmiers du Mal, Devon Halfnight Leflufy, Parker & Ronen, Orley Timo Weiland, General Idea, Second/Layer, Siki Im, John Varvatos

Visit to learn more about New York Fashion Week: Men’s, including shows and show times.
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