Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You Want Forgiveness? Don't Hold Your Breath, For It Will Be a Long Time Coming. Possibly Right Before Hell Freezes Over.

Primary school teacher Marcy Lowell uses illustrations to recount the classic tale of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


up and you have much groveling to do to make things right, my friend. You are in the doghouse; the boy who cried wolf.

Science has spoken and we best listen because this has potentially very serious implications. Researchers at the Universty of Chicago Booth School of Business have discovered that once an individual has created an unfavorable impression s/he has to bend over backward, and then some, to begin to create a favorable one.

Imagine the fallout if one has committed a crime. Or adultery?

Titled "The Tipping Point of Moral Change: When Do Good and Bad Acts Make Good and Bad Actors?," the study is published in the journal, "Social Cognition." ... More shortly.

Visit http://www.bit.ly/2ajeubJ to read an abstract or purchase a pdf of "The Tipping Point of Moral Change: When Do Good and Bad Acts Make Good and Bad Actors."


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