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Quitting Daily Grind of Coffee and Alcohol Express

Social drinking should be a moderate activity, owing to the debilitating effects of alcohol. Photo by Dreamstime.

By JANET COOK, NYC Healthy Chick

you need an energy fix. At the crack of dawn you’re guzzling a venti quad toffee nut latte. At 10:30, a coworker shows up with your A.M. fix.

Noontime, you’re off to the office's favorite purveyor for a slice or two and a soda. Poof, it’s 3 p.m. and another cup of coffee magically appears on your desk. Quitting time and you’re sitting at the local wateringhole throwing back a couple of drinks. Does this sound all too familiar?

The green bean salad gets an extra bit of texture from goat cheese. Photo from Whole Foods Market.

What really happens when we rely on these kinds of stimulants to keep us energized? Is it really healthy to continue the regular misuse of coffee and alcohol to fuel the body? No.

Caffeine is the No. 1 drug that propels us past the point of fatigue without giving
our bodies a break. Unregulated, caffeinated coffee causes health concerns like exhausted adrenal glands, endocrine imbalances, severe blood sugar swings, acid imbalances, essential mineral depletion, premature aging, female and male health issues. Oh, jeepers! Are you sure you want to keep drinking the stuff?

Portobello and asparagus egg strata is a basic egg dish that pairs well with most vegetables and cheese. Photo from Whole Foods Market.

Meanwhile, regular alcohol consumption can lead to increased risk of developing alcoholism, cardiovascular disease, malabsorption, chronic pancreatitis, alcoholic liver disease and cancer. It also damaging the central nervous and peripheral nervous systems. My goodness, having that regular after-work drink is now looking mighty frightening isn’t it? Yes.

Instead, try a different approach by allowing your body to generate its own energy from nutrients. NYC Healthy Chick’s Daily Grind Makeover is a pretty easy, logical and simple way to rejuvenate yourself. You’ll have boundless natural energy and be endowed with endless creativity.

1. Hardcore coffee lover? Give it up for Teeccino, a caffeine-free
herbal coffee loaded with a complex variety of unique antioxidants, soluble fiber, enzymes, essential oils and immune system-stimulating constituents that work together synergistically to promote good health. Teeccino is a great substitute for coffee for those weaning themselves off of high doses of caffeinated coffee. Another benefit of teeccino is that it is cheaper than coffee. Visit to learn more about teeccino.

The meal is served with the colorful pineapple chicken kabobs with quinoa. Photo from Whole Foods Market.

2. Try pre-planned healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Pre-planning each
meal is key to fueling the body for the entire day. Save money by cooking meals at
home and taking lunch to work. Eating simple, unprocessed whole foods aid in
portion control while reducing overeating during the day. This is also a way to cut down on or completely stop eating processed fast foods on the go. Following are three
easy-to-prepare dishes.

For Sunday breakfast and the next day, too, is a Portobello and Asparagus Egg Strata. Hmm, Hmm. (

Go green and pack a light lunch with a hearty Green Bean Salad. The flavor will keep you coming back for seconds. (

For dinner combine two easy-to-grill ingredients in Pinapple-Chicken Kabobs
with Quinoa.
Pack up the leftovers and enjoy them at work. (

Yoga (Savasana) is a relaxant that gives a natural high with no worries about a hangover. Photo by Kla Project.

3. Trade in the after-work wateringhole for an energizing yoga class near the office. Take a friend. Yoga is an excellent way to get a natural high and it isn’t responsible for empty calories and hangovers.

Assume the position: Savasana (total relaxation pose).

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