Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 16: 'Policeman' Misfires and Fails to Ignite

A scene from "Policeman." Photo courtesy of 49th New York Film Festival.

POLICEMAN tells two parallel stories. One is of a tightknit, semi-corrupt anti-terrorist unit. The other concerns a group of disaffected, young radical wannabes who are fed up with the system.

The film, which makes its North American debut tonight at the 49th New York Film Festival, fails to engage because these stories focusing on current issues in Israeli society unfold symmetrically rather than overlapping.

“Policeman” is Hebrew with English subtitles.

Other screenings and events today at NYFF include “Play,” “I Look Up When I Walk aka Keep Your Chin Up," “The Untold History of the United States, Chapters 1-3,” “25th Anniversary Screening of Salvador, ” “Goodbye First Love,” “Book Signing Event With John Lithgow, “Pina,” “Love Hotel” and “Charisma.”

Visit to learn more about the 49th New York Film Festival: including schedule, repeat screenings, ticket and venue information.

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