Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Amusing Winner in 'Managing Meds Video Contest'

The alarm clock can help forgetful types remember to take their medicine. Videos from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HERE’S a fellow who needs lots of reminders. Is he absent-minded? Anecdotal evidence, suggests yes.

On a wall in the kitchen is a handwritten note that reminds him to put the milk back in the refrigerator after he pours it over his Corn Pops (formerly Sugar Pops).

He is well-practiced with reminders. In fact, that particular skill may have helped him win the "Managing Meds Video Contest.”

Conceived to promote health and wellness in an environment in which people don’t always understand prescription drug instructions or outright forget to take their meds, the contest was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and the National Consumers League through an initiative it leads called the Script Your Future. (http://www.nclnet.org/)

Producers of the four top-winning videos and the “Popular Choice” award in the “Managing Meds Video Contest” received cash prizes for their efforts.

They are called smartphones because they usually know what to do and they do it.

In the winning video (top) the narrator explains how he uses his mobile phone, alarm clocks and other tools as reminders.

Regardless whether one is taking drugs pushed by Big Pharma or indulging in those in the natural, herbal realm, one simply must remember to take them properly and at prescribed intervals for best results.

In an Honorable Mention video (immediately above), the affable narrator discloses two methods that aid in taking medicines properly. No. 1 is Apple’s iPhone app, Siri. No. 2 is the smartphone app, Pill Reminder. Clear explanations with phone in hand accompany both.

Another aide can be the adage, "know thy pharmacist or drug provider," as suggested in the Healthy Dose video (below). Healthy Dose is a weekly pharmacy radio program. It is the “Popular Choice” winner in the “Managing Meds Video Contest.” (http://www.msopradio.wordpress.com/)

Thy pharmacist is thy friend.

“Patients often have understandable reasons for not taking their medicine as directed, from complex instructions for multiple medications to simply forgetting in the midst of life’s many demands," said Sally Greenberg, executive director of National Consumers League. "Technology, like phone apps or text reminders, can help.”

It should go without saying (but it won’t) that not taking medicines properly and not taking them at all can and does have an adverse effect on quality of life. This includes death. There exists piles of literature to bear out this statement.

With this in mind, the videos do serve a good purpose. And they are not without humor. The guide in the winning entry – poor, dear fellow – also requires a reminder to clean his hair out of the facebowl after shaving.

Visit http://www.1.usa.gov/PpcHxi to learn more about the Managing Meds Video Contest.

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