Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Day 5: Blinkzgear Bags Send a Message

The Blinkzgear Messenger Bag with sky blue floral is one of several zip-out covers in an eye-catching print. Photos from Blinkzgear Web site.

HEAD’S UP: Is it December already? YES, it is. In many parts of the world that means it is holiday gifting season. For many, the very idea presents a little conundrum. They have no idea what to gift, poor things! These are the very souls that the elves at VEVLYN’S PEN endeavor to lend a hand. We’re starting a bit early this year with our humble Holiday Gift Guide, because the spirit hit us and … well … we’re filled with the spirit! From today through 24 Dec., every day or every other day or so – willy-nilly, actually – we will introduce one or a series of products/services, items and brands that we believe would make a smashing holiday gift(s). And (as the old saying goes) … we’re off!!!

THE basic black messenger bag is perfectly serviceable. But every now again a body wants a little more color, right? Red would do the trick. And maybe a print every once in an ol’ while. How to make it happen?

Once answer is the Blinkzgear Messenger Bag with Urban+Life Zip Out Covers. You read correctly. It is possible to switch out the cover on that messenger bag if an investment is made in a Blinzkgear and at least one detachable or zip-out cover. Unzip one and zip on another and – voila! – mama or papa's got a brand new bag! (See video demo below.)

The covers are bold and eye-catching in mostly prints. That includes florals, bicycle motif, bull’s eye, old-school record player with album on turntable, racing motifs. And more are planned.

Most of us change clothes every day, right? Why not change the cover on the messenger bag? At $70 and $15 for each additional cover, the Blinkzgear Messenger Bag is a lot cheaper than buying a messenger bag in another color or print. Or purchasing another purse or whatever carrying vessel a body uses to ferry his or her whatnots.

Full disclosure: Yours Truly was gifted a Blinkzgear Messenger Bag for a test drive by Blinkzgear founder Michael Newman. We met in September in the GBK Celebrity Gift And Styling Lounge during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. The very next day I had the Blinkzgear Messenger Bag on my shoulder. It was a low-maintenance companion. My only quarrel with it is the cover can be a bit unwieldy, which I gave MN to know the next day. The velcro closure can be better placed, too, which MN pointed out and I agreed.

It is not the ordinary messenger bag that has an African print cover.

Noted was pretty much his response. “We are always making improvements and adjustments,” said MN who created Los Angeles-based Blinkzgear as one way to share his passion for creating products that stimulate the senses and a sense of self.

Otherwise, the bag is a small wonder. It is lightweight and has compartments galore. What did I have in my bag: computer, lunch, flats, wallet, makeup, papers, phone – just about everything except the kitchen sink. And I didn’t feel as it I were carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Who needs a purse?! The Blinkzgear Messenger Bag has that much swagger.

The Blinkzgear Messenger Bag in red makes a statement and stands out in a crowd.

The cost of the bag and a couple of zip-out covers is a small price to pay for convenience. Plus, the water-resistant Blinkzgear Messenger Bag is made of some pretty durable stuff, including tarpaulin nylon, so it won’t look like a sad sack in six month’s time.

Visit to learn more about the “Blinkzgear Messenger Bag with Urban+Life Zip Out Covers and other Blinkzgear product.

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