Monday, March 11, 2013

ART Here, There and Everywhere During 'Armory Show'

Greg Haberny's "Beautiful Disaster" is mishmash of various objects formed into the shape of the United States. Photo by Yours Truly

“WHAT is art,” my companion asks as we are chewing and observing a very colorful, very busy painting on the ground floor of the downtown New York City pad of uber collectors Susan and Michael Hort.

I consider it as I chew and view. Actually, I’ve thought a great deal about the question over the years. It is an apt query on the last day of “The Armory Show,” nearly a week each March when players on the international modern and contemporary arts scene converge on New York for buying, selling and partying. “Whatever is created,” I respond earnestly.

Companion seems to glimpse some logic in my response. To that end, we continue our perusal and attempt to digest disappointment after learning that brunch at the Horts is a minimalist affair of bagels, coffee and Poland Springs water, not the bountiful sitdown we'd both anticipated. Momentary disappointment is replaced soon enough by utter enjoyment once we take ourselves upstairs (me reluctantly) where hosts display more than 100 paintings, video installations, sculptures and photographs on three floors.

Yours Truly did not see much art between 5 and 10 March. That written, on the few occasions that I ventured out I was fully engaged by it. Cases in point are sightings at Volta NY, 25th Annual ADAA Art Show, French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) and,of course, Chez Hort ... More shortly. Rx

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