Thursday, February 26, 2015

@ENK Coterie Day 3: Old Gringo Fairly Swaggers; Chaka Has No Boundaries; Kicking It With Dav – Rain, Shine, Sleet or Snow

From the Fall-Winter 2015 collection of Old Gringo Boots. Photos by Yours Truly.

HEADS UP: Though Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week have folded tents, closed doors, turned off lights and MBFW has hared off to Europe, there is still plenty of fashion showcasing ongoing in The Big Apple. Yards and garbs of it. In two words, ENK Coterie. It is a part of ENK International, one of the world's leading fashion trade shows with several topical shows under its umbrella aside from Coterie. They include Accessories Circuit and Intermezzo Collections. ENK Coterie's focus is mainly women's apparel and accessories. Rather than, say, 20 shows a day over eight days, a la fashion week, the proposition is 3 days (23-25 Feb.), 3 levels, more than 1,400 designers and thousands of buyers from more than 95 countries, plus the media. And at least seven major categories, including evening wear and shoes. At the Javits Convention Center. Because we at VEVLYN'S PEN have just come off of fashion week, commenting mainly on clothes, we will have our say in our ENK Coterie debut about a few shoe brands over the next three days.

THE feet just have to rejoice in these puppies because they are all eye-catching.

But there are other reasons for happy feet. A few clues are revealed. More will be revealed later, with additional images.


AT the height of fashion with plenty of hype.


GENDERLESS.. Ageless. Borderless.


ALL-WEATHER luxury at economy class.

Visit to learn more about ENK Coterie and all of the shows produced by ENK International.

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