Monday, November 7, 2016

Do this. Don't That to Get More Zs After Falling Back an Hour (and at Bedtime in General).

This time of year yawning is contagious. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.


many of us are stifling yawns. Reason: It is the first full day of daylight saving time.

Ostensibly, we gained an hour of sleep, but it doesn't feel like it because it came over the weekend when most of us tend to sleep later. A general antidote is some form of light therapy.

If drowsiness and lethargy persist, however, you may have a sleep disorder. In such cases, Vanderbilt University Division of Sleep Disorderschief Beth Malow suggests seeking professional help.

“I encourage people to discuss symptoms with their health care provider, as sleep disorders are highly treatable and can make a big difference in our health and daytime functioning."

To get a good night's sleep, BM also recommends the following Dos and Don'ts:


Develop a bedtime routine such as taking a bath, reading or listening to calm music.
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Watch TVs and use computers and other devices (bright lights, stimuli).
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Make your bedroom quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature.
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Consume caffeine, alcohol or large meals near bedtime.
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Nix a run on the treadmill, sit ups and other exercise.
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Try to rise and shine and hit the sack the at the same times every day.
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