Monday, June 8, 2009

Indy Style: Missing stars be damned, the launch goes on

IT'S Monday night at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Plaza and the preview of the newest and third installment in the "Indiana Jones" game franchise, "Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings," is on!

But there seems to be some stars missing. Sure, there's Debra Winger near the top of the staircase looking every inch the New Jersey soccer mom. And to my right is Elizabeth Vargas, looking like a resident of Wisteria Lane. My companion, though has a Christiane Amanpour jones – CNN's Barbara Walters of the Middle East – wondering where in the world is she and what exactly is her connection to gamer culture. I haven't a clue, but do weigh in on M.I.A. Al Roker. I deduce that he's a no-show because he is likely home having a low-calorie, high-nutrient dinner or getting ready for bed – lest we miss the weather in our neck of the woods Tuesday morning. And where is Himself, H.F.? One of the marketing people from LucaArts cited a scheduling conflict, which sounded credible enough.

A few less stars than promised didn't seem to put a damper on the festivities on the second floor of the store. There are merchandise tie-ins galore, and "Staff of Kings" is the main attraction on a number of TV screens being hogged by people who are definitely under 12 years of age. This explains the separate bar that has several jucies and Pepsi – not Coke, along with the cupcakes, rice crispy rectangles and brownies. No doubt the under-12s are very influential gamer bloggers.

For the adults who aren't in the mood for games, there is an awesomely cool Indy fedora in chocolate and steel gray. And Catwoman would definitely envy that cool, black whip. As an extra bonus, there is a parting gift of "Staff of Kings," which rolls out to the masses Tuesday. It's set in 1939 and concerns Indy's search for the staff of Moses. Let my Indy go!

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