Thursday, April 22, 2010

Extra Helpings of Love Today for the Planet

The opening scene in "Into Eternity." Photo Heikki Färm F.S.C. courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival. "Oceans" photo from Disney Pictures. Razia Said CD covershot from

IMAGINE building a gi-normous tomb three miles below earth for some remains – remains of the 300,000 tons of nuclear waste variety. Incidentally, it must not be disturbed for at least 100,000 years, lest Armageddon ensue. That’s what the Finnish are doing to atone for their share of nuclear waste. Danish filmmaker Michael Madsen uses this example as a raison d’etre for “Into Eternity.” In the documentary, he ruminates about how future civilizations can be forewarned to not touch that!

It’s fitting that “Into Eternity,” one of the 132 films in the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, will have a screening today – Earth Day (at 5:45 p.m. at the Village East Cinema).

All over the world Earth Day is being celebrated and commemorated through film, talks, art exhibits, recycling initiatives, marches, protests, music, etc. This is the humble list that is capturing the imagination of Yours Truly.

Also showing at TFF today is “Climate of Change,” which I led off with yesterday in my TFF preview (at 5 p.m. SVA).“COC” puts the spotlight on various little people who are trying to make the earth a better, cleaner place where they live.

First, Disney brought us “Earth.” Today, the studio offers “Oceans.” Narrated by actor Pierce Brosnon, it takes us with directors/divers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud into the ocean deep using state-of-the-art underwater technologies to explore the harsh realities therein and to observe the fascinating creatures that call it home. The film promises an “unprecedented” snapshot.

Razia Said, on of my favorite Gotham-based singer/songwriters, is celebrating Earth Day with a release party for her latest CD, “Zebu Nation” (at 9 p.m. at S.O.B.’s). RS conceived this record to help raise awareness about the devastating effects “of slash and burn agriculture and climate change” in her
native Madagascar. The Boston Globe says of “Zebu Nation” that "insistent, hypnotic rhythms share the bill with ethereal ballads ...” I’m inclined to agree about a record that pays homage to the rich musical culture of Malagasy.

Learn more about the Tribeca Film Festival and theater venue information at; check local movie listings for showings of “Oceans”; get tickets and reservations to Razia Said’s “Zebu Nation” CD release party at or contact S.O.B.’s at 212.243.4940; download a free song from “Zebu Nation” at; see a video link at, and purchase “Zebu Nation” at

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