Thursday, January 20, 2011

At Trussardi, 100 Looks Mighty, Mighty Fine

The Fall-Winter 2011-2012 Trussardi 1911 men's collection is all leather, right down to the T-shirts, but not the greyhound. Photos from

'TIS not everyday that a brand reaches the century mark. When it does, however, it must celebrate the occasion in style.

Last week, the venerable leather goods brand, Trussardi, threw a big to-do in Florence and streamed the whole thing live for the world to see.

Part of the festivities included the introduction of creative director/designer Milan Vukmirovic’s Fall-Winter 2011-12 Trussardi 1911 men’s line. In honor of the brand’s origins as a glovemaker, the fall-winter collection of garments and accessories is ALL leather.

Yes. All. Leather. No, scratch that. There is one nonleather item: a monogram featuring the brand’s symbol – the greyhound – on a playing card. The insignia is the first in the history of the House of Trussardi and was created as part of the 100-year celebration.

What is impressive about the new Trussardi 1911 is how MV molded leather/beat it into submission so that it mimics other, more pliable fabrics. The T-shirts ARE NOT fabricated from silk or cotton-lycra, but featherlight chamois leather. In printed leather are the oversized camouflage windbreakers that really can pass for parachute silk or, closer to earth, umbrella silk. Some totes are in camouflage leather; sneakers are turned out in suede.

The blouson jacket is done in ribbed suede, not corduroy. Defy anyone to deny that the lapels on the tuxedo jacket are not satin. Yet, they are made from the same leather used on the rest of the jacket. Hides that inform the collection include lamb and deer.

“Each garment and style is the result of amazing technical skill that combines tradition and innovation,” according to Trussardi pr.

‘Tis true. Watch the fashion show: http://http//

Learn more about Trussardi and the Fall-Winter Trussardi 1911 men’s line at

A Kiss Is More Than What Meets the Eye

A kiss, that very basic manifestation of love/passion/lust, is explored in Stylecaster’s, “The Kiss.” The French short (with subtitles) from the online women’s lifestyle portal ( stars Katie Gallagher, Juan Heredia, Dan Keyes, Lyle Lodwick, Taylor Warren and Coco Young. See the film above.

In the film below, “The First Kiss,” cast members of “The Kiss” chat about their very first time.

Kiss and Tell About the Very First One

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