Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toni Francesc Spring 2012 at Home in Barcelona

The chocolate brown dress/jumper is from "Seekers," the Spring 2012 collection by Toni Francesc. Photos courtesy of Toni Francesc.

THE sleeveless, chocolate brown organza/silk/linen(?) dress/jumper is voluminous, cavernous and billowing. It looks as if it might take flight if it isn’t battened down.

A rather amorphous creation, it appears in “Seekers,” the Toni Francesc Spring 2012 collection which he debuted a few hours ago at Barcelona Fashion Week aka 080 Barcelona Fashion. ("Seekers" may make its way to New York, Paris, Milan and London starting in September). In fact, “Seekers” also marks TF’s first-ever show at Barcelona, his hometown. Has the curly-haired wonder been homesick? Is that why has chosen home as headquarters for his growing empire? Does that explain plans to open his first standalone boutique in Barcelona by September? Interesting questions to ponder.

Meanwhile, “Seekers” is inspired by the migrations of nomadic people, those who make their ways along rough and tumble terrains got up in sackcloth-like dresses, tent dresses, fairy pants, bustled jackets, etc. The types who favor asymmetrical cuts in brown, beige, red, yellow and blue.

Chocolate brown is tent-like, able to provide coverage from rain, wind and earth, while also remaining aloof from the skin for maximum comfort on a hot day. It is the most arresting sight in an ambitious and accessible collection paying homage to people forever on the go.

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