Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eric Benet & The Brooklyn Circus Have a Connection

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A meeting of the minds happened recently when singer Eric Benet stopped by the destination shop, The Brooklyn Circus/BKc, to chat up some stylish sorts about his personal style and style in general.

Like with just about everything, it’s a process (See video above that also features the single, “News for You,” from EB’s latest album, “THE ONE.)

In the video, EB explains to his sartorially situated audience that he was always inclined toward the classic mode of dressing. His threads were not tied to trends, rather to his own personal tastes.

Oxford shirt from The Brooklyn Circus/Bkc is pretty impressive in pink. Photos from The BrooklynCircus/BKc.

The Brooklyn Circus/BKc, which since 2006 has extended its reach from a certain God-blessed borough of New York City to Chicago and San Francisco, fashions itself as an intersection where style and character meet, an urban oasis where style flourishes. A natural element for such a gathering of men.

Something to cap off a captivating look.

A perusal of The Brooklyn Circus/BKc stock revealed that founder Ouigi Theodore&Co. are living up to their p.r. from head to toe. Style permeates every stitch. Every piece has going on a little something something different different.

A good fashion sense can ground a guy wearing a PF Flyers Grounder II.

Every piece has an artistic edge, no doubt a nod to OT’s graphic designer background. Of course, if his coterie has a keen sense of style – and it does – it understands that fashion is art, too. Therefore, art speaks with authority in the simplest shirt or shoe.

A certain cardigan, which can still be a comfort during a chilly spring day, has character in spades – even without a pipe. Which characteristic is the most attractive? Is it the color? Or the stripes? The shawl collar? All of it? The sweater is a true character study. This is not your grandfather’s cardigan; it’s your cardigan!

Now here's a smoking cardigan!

The Brooklyn Circus/BKc doesn’t claim to carry every stitch a fellow needs. What it does carry are wardrobe-making staples and accents that a fellow might feel he can’t be without.

Visit to learn more about The Brooklyn Circus/BKc; visit to learn more about Eric Benet’s “THE ONE.” Rx


  1. Great inside look of Eric style and music, I like it.

    1. Hello ... I appreciate your visiting VEVLYN'S PEN. Pardon my late response.

      In any case, I like the inside look, too. It is brief but has lots of information. Eric's comments are thoughtful. I also really like the intimate setting of The Brooklyn Circus.


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