Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Like Me! I Really Like Me, After a Facebook Lift!

Facebook has the power to make us feel better about ourselves, a study finds.

THE world beating you down? Mucking with your self-esteem?

Well, don’t just wallow there, feeling lower than a snake's belly. Sign on to the computer and/or mobile device and visit your Facebook page. One simple visit can reaffirm that you are super, fine and wonderful. In effect, you are SOMEBODY and somebody good.

Essentially, this is a result of a study by no less an authority than a Cornell University communications expert. Jeff Hancock reported these findings in last month’s issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, http://www.bit.ly/16LTwqX.

According to an article in the March 2013 issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Facebook membership has its privileges.

"The conventional wisdom is that Facebook use is merely a time sink and leads to an assortment of negative consequences. But our research shows that it can be a psychologically meaningful activity that supplies a sense of well-being at a relatively deep level," says study co-author JH, who teaches communication and computer and information science. "The extraordinary amount of time people spend on Facebook may be a reflection of its ability to satisfy ego needs that are fundamental to the human condition."

JH and study co-author Catalina Toma reached these conclusions after two experiments with university undergraduates that involved a speech on which they were critiqued. In both experiments, undergrads who received negative feedback were either less defensive if they’d visited their Facebook page before the critique or were more likely to seek solace on Facebook afterward. Facebook had no involvement with the study.

On the surface, the study – "Self-affirmation Underlies Facebook Use" – might seem trivial. However, as the researchers point out, this has the potential to eradicate a lot of societal problems such as teen smoking. Not to mention sex abuse and all manner of crimes and generally stupid behavior that humans indulge in.

Rather than break the car windows of an ex or run someone over with a car, or slit a wrist over on-the-job frustrations, visit Facebook. It may be just the thing to keep you from going over the deep end and taking a few folk with you..

"As a widely available, everyday source of self-affirmation, Facebook appears to be a useful instrument in people's efforts to preserve self-worth and self-integrity," JH says ... Rx

Like it!

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