Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For the Holiday Table or Any Other Time of Year: Addie's Fine Foods Pies, Little Miracles Tea-Juices & Cliffton Dry Sparkling Cider

Addie's Fine Foods sweet potato pie has proved to be powerful medicine. Photo from Addie's Fine Foods Web site.

FOR all intents and purposes the holidays are upon us. It's November, after all. I'ts on! The feeding frenzy has begun.

Per tradition, the nation will be overfeeding and overwatering itself until about the time of Twelfth Night. At that time, said bloated and contrite nation will then seek repentance in the New Year's resolution diet.

Until then, though, a feeding frenzy. For your consideration are a few new and newish products – Addie's Fine Foods pies, Cliffton Dry Premium Cider and tea-juice blends from Little Miracles – to consider for the table.

Giving new meaning to Hippocrates' admonition to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” the only thing that Mississippi-born Addie Simon could eat and not pay for it later when the now-disease free survivor was suffering from cancer and its treatment, was a dessert of her own making: Sweet Potato Pie.

Surprising notion at first. But think on it. Put on those thinking caps and recall that sweet potatoes are sweet medicine. They are a good source of dietary fiber, which lowers blood sugar and ailments such as diabetes that high blood sugar levels can trigger.

Cliffton Dry is made from fermented apples. Photo from Cliffton Dry Web site.

Just as important, sweet potatoes can help fight cancer, particularly orange Beauregard and the purple Okinawa, the two varieties used to make the Addie's Fine Foods sweet potato pie. It should be noted, too, that the sweet treat will make all kinds of love to the palate … More shortly

Visit the following Web sites to learn more about the products:
Addies Fine Foods,
Cliffton Dry Premium Cider,
Little Miracles,

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