Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pisidia Has It in the Bag(s) for Everyone in the Family

Pisidia bags and accessories at the Republic Collective holiday pop-up shop. Photo by Jonathan Miller.

HEADS UP: Dilemma: The last days. YOU: bewitched, bothered and bewildered. US: elves at VEVLYN’S PEN are, of course, on the case. Practically every day through 24 Dec., we will introduce at least one or a series of products, items and brands that we believe is worthy of consideration as a holiday gift(s). Now stop your fretting.

THEY are sleek, stylish, sometimes even a little sexy, and sensible.

They are bags and accessories from Pisidia. The collection has been making a splash in parts of Europe and Australia and is now attempting inroads into the United States. Already, Pisidia is a name being whispered and a bag appearing on red carpets in Hollywood.

What's all of the fuss about? Well, aside from the aforesaid, the products come in some pretty nifty colors –15 in fact – such as rose pink, Caribbean blue, sunrise yellow, and b&w. And they can be a family affair, meaning every member in the family can be sporting one of Pisida's 21 products.

One particular aspect of Pisidia, which its makers like to draw attention, is their assertion that it is the first and only handbag & accessory line made from silicone. Every piece in the collection has stitched-silicone as a component.

For devices, the Pisidia tablet bag. Photos from Pisidia Web site.

“You can get so many uses out of it – it's durability,” noted Pisidia owner Jonathan Miller last week at the Republic Collective holiday pop-up shop in Soho, where his brand is given good placement. “It's not plastic; it's not toxic. It's eco-friendly. On a day like today, in the rain, nothing gets ruined because the water will just drip right off.”

A comforting thought if a body is sporting the popular Tablet bag or Laptop bag. Another favorite, JM, said is the All Day Shopper, a large purse that can carry many and sundry items. Travelers might want to turn their attention to the Weekender and Vacationer, two bags that can serve a good purpose for a few days or a few weeks. And they are sized to fly free.

The Pisidia suite earns extra style points for embellishments like the signature P medallion, signature Pisidia hardware, raised Pisidia imprint, adjustable and detachable shoulder straps, as well as leather handles and other leather accents.

The vacationer is ready to hit the road or take to the skies.

The brand has yet more to recommend it. Its name alone suggests as much. Pisidia was an ancient town in Asia Minor (now Turkey) that became a center for some of the first strides of a fledgling Christianity. “It means,” JM said, "standing up for something you believe in. Buying a product that is not only beneficial for you but for the environment as well."

One pouch, but many purposes.

In honor of that tradition Pisidia,whose logo incorporates a “support ribbon,” donates a portion of proceeds from the sale of every product to cancer research. “We also partner with various causes throughout the year to help benefit them when they're in need,” JM added. One of note is the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation (

The Pisidia wallet needs fattening.

Typical of bags, the Pisdia brand (from $36 to $598) can also be repurposed. A case – to use a word – in point is the Pen Sunglass bag. It can ferry its namesake contents in addition to makeup, art supplies, mobile phones, keys and coins.

And if the coins don't fit, there is a Coin Purse and Organizer. A bag for nearly every occasion and/or need.

Visit to learn more about Pisidia.

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