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Socks depicting the Statue of Liberty, left, are among several featuring the works of Keith Haring. Photo from

HEADS UP: We know, it seems like only six months ago that ‘twas the season to be jolly. How is it that every year you have no idea what in the world to get those on your list?! Never fear, the elves at VEVLYN’S PEN are, of course, on the case. Up until 24 Dec., we will introduce at least one or a series of products, items and brands that we believe is worthy of consideration as a holiday gift(s). Also look for at least one article dedicated to stocking stuffers and at least one highlighting themed gifts. Could be theater. Or food&drink. Fashion, maybe? You’ll just have to stay tuned and read all about it. Happy, responsible shopping!

KEITH Haring believed art should be available and accessible to all.

Aside from his graffiti-based works he created in New York subway stations, arguably the most visible manifestation of this belief is “Statue of Liberty” (1986).

Created for the centennial celebration of the famous landmark, the work depicting Lady Liberty surrounded by dancing figures, was created with youngsters from the organization serving at-risk children, CityKids.

That iconic work and others by the Pennsylvania native live on in socks. In woven jacquard, they come in packs of two knee highs and packs of three crews ($24)

Interestingly enough, the socks are not sold at the online Pop Shop, an extension of the now-shuttered brick and mortar stores selling KH’s memorabilia. Instead, one must visist (

It was also at the Fab Holiday Pop-In that the socks were discovered. ( also carries socks featuring the works of KH contemporary and friend, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Keith Haring socks come in packs of two and three. Photo from

It is safe to say the Andy Warhol mentee is not rolling in his grave. After all, KH gleefully commercialized his work when he was alive through Pop Shop, which gave rise to the political and socially conscious themes for which he would become known.

"I could earn more money if I just painted a few things and jacked up the price,” he famously answered critics of the store he opened in the ‘80s.

Read All About the Comedy, Drama and Tragedy

"The Coward" and hundreds of other play titles are available in script form.

Before its animated by scenarist, costumer, director and actors, a play is words in paperback. Reading the script can be enlightening.

It offers a very different way to "see" theater and gives insight into the playwright's vision.

Take a peak into the unique voice of playwright Nick Jones by reading his comedy, “The Coward,” about a young man who initiates a pistol duel then chickens out and sends a ringer to do his part.

NJ, whose “Important Hats of the Twentieth Century” just completed a run at Manhattan Theatre Club’s Stage II, also writes for Netflix's “Orange is the New Black.” A farce about two rival '30s-era milliners who find a key to the future, "Hats" enjoyed wide critical acclaim.

NJ's script is available from Samuel French publishers, along with hundreds of others – from Aeschylus to Emile Zola – each for just under $10 in the actor's edition or an e-version.

Visit to see “The Coward” script; visit for other titles.

STEM SELLS: Many Teachable and Enjoyable Moments

STEM: science, technology, engineering, math.

Yes, it is an acronym for a school curriculum for which we could all use a refresher.

It is also storytellers, musicians, comedians, actors and, yes, scientists, demonstrating how entertaining the world of science, technology, engineering and math can be.

The second STEM Fest (7-21 Jan 2016) is a theatrical event. (See video above of presentation from last year's STEM Fest).

Visit to learn more about the STEM Fest.

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