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Holiday Gift Guide 2016, BOOK BAG - 'Curlee Girlee': the Mane Lesson a Little Girl Learns; 'the Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style', or Nooks & Crannies of the Rich and Famous

Two for your personal library, "Curlee Girlee" (top) and "the Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style."

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books that launched last month in New York City at Dylan's Candy Bar and Bergdoff Goodman, respectively, with no small amount of fanfare are certain to capture the collective imagination.

One, an illustrated children's book, concerns a little girl who realizes that she and her hair are beautiful. The other, a coffeetable affair, ventures into the spaces of the richer and more famous.

"Curlee Girlee," written by Atara Twersky and illustrated by Karen Wolcott, recounts the adventures of a little girl with curly hair.

Curlee does not like her hair because when it finally grows it is not straight like spaghetti. It doesn't "look like other people's hair at all." It is "swoopy and loopy ... bouncy and flouncy."

Author mother and subject daughter at the launch of "Curlee Girlee." Photo from "Curlee Girlee" Facebook page.

Curlee goes to great lengths to straighten her hair, including using a rolling pin. Then, one day she realizes that her hair is unique and beautiful.

Christian Louboutin ties one on. Photo by Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg.

Both a work of empowerment and a love letter, "Curlee Girlee" grew out of the author's experiences with her curly-haired daughter, a member of a family that is mainly of the wavy- and straight-hair variety.

AT, an attorney, observed that her youngest daughter, Ariela (Ari, for short), was having issues with her hair, though the little girl had not verbalized them. To counteract what she believed might morph into a self-esteem problem, she embarked on a mission to ensure that her child, whom she started calling Curlee Girlee, would see the beauty of her mane. Mother wanted daughter to "embrace her curls and not feel the need to conform."

Cindy Crawford is sitting pretty. Photo by Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg.

"Curlee Girlee," which AT has said she hopes will resonate with the reported 1.6 billion curly-haired females in the world, is a book that every person should have and gift/recommend to others. It can help save women in particular a lot of money that would otherwise go on unnecessary hair products, hairstylists and psychologists.

On a much lighter note is the Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style.

The question is whether Christian Louboutin is wearing Christian Louboutins. Meanwhile, Ariana Huffington is in possession of some kicka_ _ slingbacks. Ah, here is Cindy Crawford in a chill-out moment. And a shelf in Amar'e Stoudemire’s house is laden with treasures.

Ariana Huffington rests her soles. Photo by Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg.

The first book from the luxury brand,Coveteur, is a photo diary of ... well ... the personal style and/or spaces of some folk more well-known and better financially situated than you, you, you and you.

Lots of eye candy.

Knickknacks from a shelf in the home of former New York Knickerbocker Amar'e Stoudemire. Photo by Coveteur/Renée Rodenkirchen.

Visit the websites that follow to learn more about "Curlee Girlee" and "the Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style":

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