Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Tappin' All Two of Your Left Feet Into Dance Classes

HEADS UP: December has rolled around again and you are shaking in your shoes. What to get Aunt? And those other hard-to-shop-for-persons on your list? Never fear, the elves at The Wright Wreport are here! As is customary, until 24 Dec., we will introduce products, items and brands that we believe are worthy of consideration as a holiday gift(s). Happy, responsible shopping!


feels so intuitive. You step, thumping your toes rhythmically, and voila!, you're tapping.

In reality, however, tap dancing is a vigorous and strenuous physical activity that requires mastery, precision and training.

Most are not likely to pursue tap dance professionally, but there are lessons to help you gain some proficiency. A sort of interim fix can be found at a number of studios around New York City for enthusiasts who lack skills but want them. If you are not in New York, Google “Tap dance lessons near me” for classes.

The American Tap Dance Foundation champions the all-American artform with, among other things, the annual Tap City: The New York City Tap Festival. It is billed as the world’s pre-imminent tap dance festival, featuring performances, demos, awards and a treasure show. The foundation also offers classes for young and old. (

The 92nd Street Y also offers a course of study for the would-be tap dancer. The selections blend Fred Astaire styling, Broadway tap and the freestyle rhythm popularized by Savion Glover. Classes range from the "Absolute Beginner" to “Older Dancer” to “Intermediate.” (

Happy feet!

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