Sunday, April 28, 2019

Day 5 Tribeca 2019: In 'Flawless,' Going All the Way and Way Too Far to Achieve Perfection

Stav Strashko as Eden in "Flawless."


upon a time as a teen, I would have sold my soul to the devil to have a certain body type.

Who am I kidding? As a young adult, I would have sold my soul to the devil to have a certain body type. I won't disclose precisely what the body type is/was. Suffice it to say that I was willing to pay that high price.

I kept this in mind as I was watching "Flawless." The film, from Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit, has its international premiere this evening at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. It was necessary to remember these follies of my youth and young adulthood to prevent me from passing judgment on three high school girls prepared to part with far less than their soul - but way too much - to achieve what they perceive as perfection.

The three are portrayed engagingly by Netsanet Zenaneh Mekonnen, Noam Lugasy and Israeli trans model Stav Strashko. "Flawless" is not an atypical teen, coming-of-age film, including all of the snobbery, bullying, clicks and insecurity that are seemingly part of teen life around the world. This Israeli high school can be plopped down in New Jersey or Texas, losing virtually nothing in translation.

More than anything, "Flawless" is a cautionary tale about the quest for beauty and perfection at any cost. It will remind viewers that some people really are willing to do anything. Of course, the boon that is the plastic surgery industry is proof positive.

Many will reflect on their younger selves - as I did - to comprehend the addled minds of these three young people. Their chosen course will send parents in to paroxysms of worry and anxiety about what their offspring are up to in the perfection quest.

"Flawless" is a film that rightly asks us all what we are willing to sacrifice for something so fleeting as beauty. It also reminds us that the price may be too great.

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In Living Color

Tommy Davidson, Shawn Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Kim Wayans and David Alan Grier before a screening of the pilot episode of "In Living Color." The sketch comedy premiered 25 years ago on Fox.Photo by Gary Gershoff/Wire Image.

A Day in the Life of America

Director Jared Leto kicks up his heel on the red carpet before the world premiere of "A Day in the Life of America." Photo by Nicholas Hunt for Getty Images for the Tribeca Film Festival.

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