Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Beach Story, Pillow Included

Items in the Jogo by Pooneh collection on display at Parker Boutique.

THE mannequin, Nykhor Paul, is giving a one-piece bikini with an exposed waist a thorough examination. She’s fingering the heart-shaped trinkets hanging from its ties, she’s pulling the fabric to gauge its tautness, now she’s pressing it against herself, trying to get an idea of the fit. She places the little orange affair against her ebony skin. Looks good. Finally, she takes its blood pressure. No, just kidding:)

This all happens in less than two minutes. The Sudanese beauty had just finished a gig at Dior and was quick, fast and in a hurry to get to the next appointment. But the bathing suits in the window at Parker Boutique slowed her roll. She'll be back, she says, when she has more time.

I relay this story to Pooneh Mohazzabi, the former banker and international woman of the world, who is debuting her Jogo by Pooneh beach and lifestyle line (www.jogobeach.com) at the Madison Avenue shop. She doesn’t appear to be surprised at NP’s reaction. In fact, one gets the impression that she expects it since her inspiration for the line was herself and other women who could not for the life of them seem to find a bathing suit that gave their bodies the love and support they deserved. “The whole line was about combining function and fashion and yet making it comfortable,” she explains. “It was, how to make the everyday suit more beautiful.”

Beauty in PM’s hands takes the form of charms and hardware (gold and glass rings) located here and there. The beaches she has known – Thailand, St. Tropez, Rio and, of course, the Hamptons, Nantucket – spawn color choices like coral, aqua and chocolate. The cotton lycra, with its lifting, firming and tucking properties … well, beautiful.

But suits are only part of the story. In Jogo, which means “game” in Portuguese, there is a larger narrative: dresses, sandals, hats, sarongs, fabric and beaded bracelets, beach totes, cosmetics bags, spa kits. EVERYTHING one can imagine and one little thing one cannot: a pillow on which to lay down your head to sleep. Game on!

Parker Boutique is situated at 1021 Madison Ave. b/w 78th and 79th streets.

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