Friday, July 31, 2009

Hanging out with Some Really Happy Stars

On the 230 Fifth Rooftop Garden for Starlight's Night Under the Stars benefit. Photo courtesy of Starlight Children's Foundation.
a pleasant breeze that was the other night on the roof garden off the swank lounge, 230 Fifth. What a pleasant evening it was! And if there were few or no stars in the sky, there were plenty on the roof.

In giddy progress, “Night Under the Stars,” a $$$$-raiser of the Friends of Starlight committee, a group of young professionals (24-39) doing something to make the world a better place for some of society’s most vulnerable members (not Wall Street bankers).

Here I am sititing on a comfortable wood bench chatting and basking in the glow of my two new BFF Shannon X and Tina Fey lookalike, Cathy J. CJ does good work for the American Foundation for the Blind and has one of the coolest business cards I’ve ever touched: It’s in braille! SX, too, did a good turn at AFB. At the moment, however, she is exploring other exciting and life-altering opportunities. Over wine – sparking and still – and some mighty tasty and addictive finger foods, including vegetable samosas, we solve a few of the world’s more pressing problems and work in some good girl talk/gossip, too.

Everyone seems to be in such a good mood. Is it because the rain that was forecast is not falling? The seductive breeze? Tanquilizing effect of the open-bar cocktails? Even the Empire State Building across the way seems to have a brighter gleam.

Could the Starlight Children’s Foundation be behind the joie de vivre? After all, as a result of this evening it has around $20K more to do all manner of good and helpful things for seriously ill kiddos (and their families) who live in the TriState area. One can imagine Starlight's mood.

“Starlight is thankful to have a dedicated group of young professionals who take an active part in helping seriously ill children,” said Elaine Siver, Executive Director of Starlight of NY*NJ*CT. “It is so important for young professionals to recognize the meaning of giving back and this group definitely understands the impact they have and the support they are extending to help brighten the lives of the 275,000 children we bring smiles to each year.”

Yet another reason for the crowd's good mood could be anticipation. Among the stakes for raffle ticket buyers, a getaway to Costa Rica. Smiles all around.

Learn more about Starlight Children’s Foundation of NY*NJ*CT and Friends of Starlight committee at

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