Thursday, June 13, 2013

‘Gonna Walk the Night’ With Haleh Nematzadeh?

The Haleh Nematzadeh Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a journey into forbidden places. Photos from Haleh Nematzadeh Web site.

A cursory glance at the gold necklace, black cropped sheer sleeveless jewel-neck top with attached black leather bra could suggest that the ensemble is communicating a disturbing message.

And so it does. Fashion is a form of artistic expression and that expression can take many forms – delightful, disturbing and many markers in between. Haleh Nematzadeh’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, a multimedia affair called “Gonna Walk the Night,” takes its inspiration from the more problematic elements along the human continuum.

Her own p.r. fairly sums it up: “an autobiographical, film-like journey of a young woman peering into the underbelly of civilization, while exploring what is generally considered painful and taboo in our society.”

A viewer may wonder what experiences inspired the Tehran-born New Yorker to create an orange chiffon empire waist dress that has a black hand covering each breast. Perusing this 15-piece collection is an experience more akin to visiting an art gallery.

Questionable clothing: A slave to what? Fashion? Someone else's desires?

Are the black hands a metaphor for the darkness of forbidden sex, whether it be rape, incest or through forced prostitution. Do they represent evil corrupting purity. Are they protectors – bodyguards? Whoever wears this frock will be a walking conversation piece.

Same story for the individual got up in the plastic dress with front leather detail and white nipple pads. It simultaneously conjures up notions of the Borg and fierce Klingon women … More shortly

Visit to learn more about Haleh Nematzadeh Spring/Summer collection and other ventures.

Couture Council Shops Michael Kors B4 B-Day

Michael Kors and Couture Council Luncheon co-chair Jieun Wax wearing MK pre-fall. Photos by Jonathan Ziegler, Patrick McMullan Company.

MEMBERS of The Couture Council of The Museum at FIT were like kids in a candy store. Or is that like fashion mad and savvy women in a clothing store?

In any case, it went down at the (upper) Madison Avenue Michael Kors boutique last night for a very special presentation of the designer’s pre-fall collection.

For that odd time of year when it is not quite cold but not exactly warm, MK suggests sleek and chic sportswear in silk, leather, light wool and tweed. The color palette skews toward the pink family and black with here and there a splash of green and yellow. And the accent color: white!

Plum print dress with white accents: rimmed cat-eye sunglasses, clutch and pumps.

The man in white pants made it clear to his all front-row audience that the old adage about closeting white after Labor Day is about as stale as white bread. Many of the ensembles fairly popped with the hue along the lines of belts, pumps, purses and cat-eye sunglasses.

All of the jollification was a runup to the big day (B-Day). Quite a bit of chatter and serious deliberation there was about what would be the outfit to wear. A few ladies – and these were mostly ladies, with a smattering of men and fashion boy wonder with the lone name, Tenzin – arrived already got up in pre-fall finery.

Yaz Hernandez and Alexandra Lebenthal sitting pretty at Michael Kors in Michael Kors.

No doubt, they will choose something different for a couple of months out so as not to be captured in photographs or cited by the fashion cops for wearing the same outfit, not that there is any harm in it, of course.

The bigger worry is probably showing up on B-Day in the same outfit as someone else or vice versa. Even in the face of such a daunting scenario, accessories can make all the difference, no?

Incidentally, B-Day is 4 Sept., the day before the official start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. On B-Day, however, The Couture Council bestows on MK its increasingly prestigious Artistry of Fashion Award at the annual Couture Council Luncheon.

Michael Kors demonstrates the convertible nature of his pink/fuchsia sweater by adjusting the collar lower on the shoulder for an evening look.

Upon receiving the award, the legendary FIT alum will join some pretty august company, including last year’s recipient Oscar de la Renta ( Others so honored are Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Rucci, Isabel Toledo and Valentino.

Visit to learn more about The Couture Council of The Museum at FIT and Couture Council Luncheon.


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