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Gadabouting With Love Peace Theatre

The Peace Love Theatre tote, above, is one of several bags that carry a special message. Photos from

HEAD’S UP: December again already. It’s the gifting season, which means more things to do with less time to do them in. Don’t despair. At VEVLYN’S PEN, we are here to help. For the next week or so — 12 days before Christmas ending on 22 Dec. — each day we will introduce a product/item, brand or nifty shop that we believe is worthy of consideration for those very special gifts.

Gift Idea No. 8:


ballet-class taking sister will have plenty of room for her leotard and slippers; the auditioning actor can carry sides, a bottle of water, props and a lot more.

The bag has drama but also comes bearing peace and love.

The Peace Love Theatre Tote Bags ($20) ( are the tickets for anyone who needs to schlep things around, which means most everyone. Conveniently, they are available in a variety if styles with imprints of the peace, love and theatre symbols – the latter represented by tragedy/comedy masks.

One version of the canvas bag with a white background bears imprints of the symbols ensconced in squares. Peace is green; love is pink, and theatre is b&w. (,472907393)

Another, also with a white background, uses the same symbols but encircled – peace in taupe, love in mustard, and teal masks. (,248468556)

At 15" x 18" x 6," the totes can accommodate paperbacks, an extra sweater to hustle on in a chilly auditorium, oranges for a snack during intermission or whatever whatnots are the necessity of the moment inside or outside the theatre. They are made from 100 percent heavyweight natural cotton canvas, which means they are both sturdy and eco-friendly. The extra long handles also make for easy carrying if they must board crowded public transit or walk mean streets. Note that they are machine washable, too.

The messenger bag is hard to miss in yellow with a becoming photo of the man from Stratford-upon-Avon.

A wipe-down rather than a wash will send the lemon-yellow messenger bags ($30) on their way. The polyester affairs have a flap&clasp closure, as well as a zipped compartment on the front for privacy and security. And, of course, an adjustable shoulder strap in black. Symbols are encircled. One version bears the peacelovetheatre symbols in khaki, mustard, teal. (,248468557) Staring back at the world in b&w from the front of the Peace Love Shakespeare Messenger Bag are the peace and love symbols, as well as an image of the Bard. (,333954962)

Meanwhile, a sure act for theatre-loving beach-goers is none other than the Peace Love Theatre Beach Tote ($31; (,472907396).
Leave the drama behind but take the bag to the beach.

It has many devices in its 12" x 16" x 5¾" dimensions: inside flap pocket and velcro-secured outside pocket for packing a sandwich and a drink, lotion, and even flippers. Its background is white with trim in either navy, fuchsia or mocha. Like the traditional tote, it is 100 percent cotton canvas. The symbols, in green, pink, b&w, are ensconced in the square design.

Wherever goes the “Peace Love Theatre” bag also goes a perfect sentiment for any season.

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