Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Is This Woman? And What Is She Wearing?

Stylist Jene' Luciani, left, shows off her bra dress and a copy of "The Bra Book." Photos by Lynda Renee.

Jene' Luciani knows how to grab attention. Really, just look at her!

In any case, to promote the e-book version of her tome, The Bra Book (BenBella Books, 2009), she collaborated with costumer/“Project Runway” contestant/fan favorite Chris March to create a dress made of bras.

JL, who has dispensed style advice far and wide on lifestyle shows/segments from “How Do I Look?” to “CNN Money,” will appear in the latter’s BRAVO series set to roll out this summer.

Fast forward to a recent rainy Thursday night. Eyewitnesses and BRAVO cameras were present when JL turned up at her e-book release party at Restaurant at the Charles Hotel turned out in a sleeveless gown with white bustier top embellished with bows and hoop skirt of white and pink color gradation with red sequins.

Paul Johnson Calderone and Jene' Luciani at the launch party for the e-book version of "The Bra Book."

The skirt is made from 200 bras. The frock is reported to be the world’s only “bra dress.” Not sure of the size of each but they look like B cups.

While the dress is a one-off – at this writing in any case – the book is available for all comers, and not a moment too soon.

With spring on our tails and more than 80 percent of women (and perhaps a fair number man-queens) still putting the wrong guards on the girls … Well, throngs should avail themselves of guidance on how to buy, where to buy, which one to wear under sheer, silk tops, etc. – and of course – the perfect little affair to deal with what JL terms “mountains and molehills.”

To purchase the e-book version of "The Bra Book, visit

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