Thursday, February 9, 2012

At MBFW, Nicholas K Opens With Nod to Wild West

An ensemble from the Nicholas K Fall 2012 collection. Photo by Chris Moore Getty Images.

HEAD’S UP: Can you believe it's Fashion Week already? That respite between September and February seems very short, especially since press registration notices started arriving during the crush of the holiday shopping season. In any case, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York has returned for the Fall 2012 edition. At VEVLYN'S PEN, we are going to do things slightly different this season. I still endeavor to provide a roundup of the best, worst and most interesting Yours Truly witnesses, from trends to sightings to the rather unusual/bizarre.

The change will be most apparent in show coverage. Where before I was doing a sort of "best of," I will tweak that this season and focus on what truly inspires me. Why the change? Simply put, I have grown weary of watching far too many collections that lack imagination because too much attention has been paid to the bottomline. If nothing inspires me, I will tell you so and tell you why. Let the games begin ...

AFTER wandering aimlessly in a whitewashed land for Spring 2012, Nicholas K landed in a town somewhere in the Wild West just in time for the Fall 2012 harvest.

There's a new sheriff in this dusty, lawless town and s/he is dressed to kill, if necessary, in multi-layered get-ups with maximum cool, attitude, asymmetry and fluidity. Topping it off is a black hat worthy of Clint Eastwood in his "man with no name" westerns.

Check in tomorrow for more from Nicholas K and others on show this first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York.

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