Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Gold Medal Moments w/Bryan Bros. at 'The Serve'

OK, big bro (Mike Bryan on the left). It's your turn to serve; show 'em what you got, says Bob Bryan.

BOB, no. Too much air.
Mike, it’s spilling over the top. No! … TIMBER!!!!!
Tilt it a little more to the right, Bob. Put your thumb in it.
Mike, close but …
Yeah, steady she goes … slower, slower; that’s about the best you’re gonna do. Decent pour, Bob

It was not a gold medal performance when Bob and Mike Bryan aka the Bryan Brothers attempted to master The Serve. (See the ugly truth in some slightly blurry photos taken by Yours Truly).

The gold-medal winning, gold-medal wearing, fun-loving, doubles tennis-playing twins were roundly and soundly trounced in that pursuit by Heineken draught expert and master pourer Franck Evers in a pour-off. That was the result last night at Ph-D at the Dream Hotel in New York City’s Meatpacking District. The object of the exercise was for the brothers (and Star-Tenders) to outclass the master in The Art of The Serve, the perfect Heineken pour. You know what they say – you can’t beat a master at his own game.

Bob, that's your best serve, my man, says master pourer Franck Evers, slightly off camera.

The Serve is Heineken’s way of celebrating the start of the U.S. Open, which unofficially commences with the qualies (U.S. Open qualifying rounds). They started yesterday and, weather permitting, will wrap on Friday. Actual tournament play begins on Monday. The Serve is one of numerous events that the longtime U.S. Open sponsor has planned over the next two weeks or so. The Bryan Brothers are busy, too, off the court. In a couple day's time, they will serve as sous chefs for a good cause in the 2012 BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis.

Though the brothers lost The Serve, all was not lost. They mixed and mingled with the crowd, allowing a chosen few – including Yours Truly – to fondle and take photos with their gold medals.(Heavy!)

In closing, there is a recipe for The Art of The Serve, the perfect Heineken pour. The ingredients, in perfect order:
1 clean Heineken glass
Create the head
Side slice the head to seal the flavor

'The Serve' in Pictures
He's a little nervous because he's never done this before, so let's make him feel right at home.

That's it, son. That's the spirit. You have a future with The Serve but not as bright as mine.

Whaddaya say? Should we give this one a chance to serve, too.

Check out my slice, Mike.

Mike, tilt the glass, not your head.

Gal pal Dawne Marie Grannum, Mike Bryan and Yours Truly holding the gold. Photo by Good Samaritan.

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