Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 15 NYFF50: Old Scores/New Alliances in 'Outrage Beyond'

IN Takeshi Kitano’s “Outrage Beyond,” the feud among the yakuzas (Japanese good fellas) heats to a rolling boil when a cop and nightclub hostess are killed.

Someone has to pay, and the police begin the shakedown to get those responsible or any convenient scapegoat to make it look good. Betrayals and backstabbing abound. At the center of all of the machinations setting, off this one and that one against the other in this sequel to “Outrage” is rogue cop and yakuza-hatter, Kataoka (Fumiyo Kohinata).

The film premieres tonight at the 50th New York Film Festival as part of the new "Midnight Movies” series. It also screens tomorrow night at 9:15. (See trailer above.)

Takeshi Kitano and Fumiyo Kohinata in “Outrage Beyond.” Photo courtesy of Time Warner Company.

“Outrage Beyond” is stylish and only slightly cheeky. The violence quotient, however, is so high that it is numbing.

“Outrage Beyond” is in Japanese with English subtitltes … Visit to learn more about the 50th New York Film Festival, including show times and ticket information.

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