Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving Challenge From No Kid Hungry

REGARDLESS how one feels about Thanksgiving, an often polarizing celebration on the calendar in the fine, but flawed United States of America, no one believes that children should go hungry.

As America prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow by shopping, overeating, arguing with family and watching football – in that order – the good, fine folks at Share Our Strength make a strong appeal.

They are asking those (you know who you are) with the means to part with at least $46 (but any amount will help) to their No Kid Hungry campaign. The campaign’s national spokesperson Jeff Bridges is canvassing, too. (; see above video of previous canvass that is still in play).

While most are aware that there are many children around the world facing hunger and going hungry, precious few, incredibly, associate this problem with the United States. In reality, an estimated 16 million children in this country face hunger. The numbers will continue to grow as long as the so-called Great Recession persists. Further, Hurricane Sandy has also added to woes.

No Kid Hungry has self-issued a Thanksgiving challenge to raise $300,000 by 30 Nov. As of this writing, it is almost two-thirds of the way there. Surely, those who really don’t need that extra mobile device, flatscreen TV or pair of Manolos can throw that money at a cause dedicated to ending childhood hunger by ensuring that children have food where they live, learn and play. (See video below.)

Get this; $46 can do a whole heap. According to Save Our Strength, that amount kept a Colorado kid in meals all summer and on average a school year of breakfasts. It would cost a bit more to do that in New York state, but talk about stretching a dollar!

It costs so little to do so much that it is difficult to believe that the good, fine folks of America won’t step up and propel No Kid Hungry far beyond its goal.

Just sayin’.

Visit to learn more about No Kid Hungry and Share Our Strength. Rx

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