Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fire Orange & Fedora Best in ‘Fascinators and Fedoras’

Gemma Hassett and Mike Tippett in their winning looks and with their winning check at the "Fascinators and Fedoras" competition. Photos courtesy of Fascinators and Fedoras.

3 Nov. 2012/LOS ANGELES – HERS was a fire orange Mangan fascinator; his a fedora with undertones of a cowboy hat. Among 750, it was this duo that caught the judges’ eyes. The choice was clear. And so it was settled.

Gemma Hassett and Mike Tippett walked away the winners of the second “Fascinators and Fedoras” fashion extravaganza at the the 29th Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Along with bragging rights, congratulations and photo ops, GH and MT received a $5,000 gift card from contest co-sponsor Westfield Mall.

Not at all a bad deal for simply signing up, then showing up for the two-day competition, because the happy pair could not have won had they not played the game.

“I knew the competition was on as I was looking at the Breeders Cup website and I said to myself, ‘What the heck? If I’m not in, I can’t win!’,” GH said afterward.

Christine Moore, Gemma Hassett, E! News' Ashlan Gorse and Los Angeles Magazine fashion editor Linda Immediato at "Fascinators and Fedoras."

Fashion Event at the 29th Breeders' Cup World Championships on Nov. 3 at Santa Anita Park.

And what did play (competition) consist of? First, creative headgear – not a baseball cap. Then showing some hatitude to the brand ambassadors aka judges. In other words vogue-ing the headgear. Next, projecting good attitude. Finally – and really this had to be the easiest part – possessing an overall good appearance. It would just not do to have a rocking headpiece while strutting about in torn jeans, dirty T-shirt and flip flops whose best days ended circa 2006.

Judges Linda Immediato, Ashlan Gorse and Christine Moore after their work had been done at "Fascinators and Fedoras."

Disclosed MT about his process, “We usually pay close attention to our race day attire and now dress to coordinate our outfits.”

The competition was fierce, according to New York-based hat designer and judge Christine Moore. “It was a really tough decision.” We saw such a breadth of incredible headwear, but both Gemma and Mike had something that stood out amongst the rest.”

Hatitude, folks. Hatitude.

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