Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prints & Pop Art, Dots & Diamonds Have Legs Covered

In case you haven’t heard, it’s fall. Autumn! What a wonderful time of year, no? For weeks now, those in the rag trade have been rolling out their new stock for shoppers who may be in the market for a few more threads and layers or to get shoppers in said mood. To help trade and to help VEVLYN’S PEN readers and followers (potential shoppers), Yours Truly will be bringing to your attention over the next few weeks or so various fall collections. What shall I call these snapshots, for I won’t bore you with a treatise? Yes! I've got it: “Glimpses of Fall.” I reckon just about every Thursday through Thanksgiving or November (whichever comes first; I haven’t checked the calendar:o), I’ll provide a peek at a collection/line/brand that I deem captivating and worthy of your notice. Happy shopping! (potentially).

WANT that black dress to make a bolder statement? Yes? Then add a scarf, preferably one in a bright color. For evening, a broach with some sparkle will do the trick. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to update or spruce up a wardrobe, whether one is on a budget or not, is by accessorizing.

The aforementioned options are tried-and-true and still very much in play. Another increasingly fun, funky and fanciful way to bedazzle the wardrobe, though, is with leggings, pantyhose, stockings, tights and over-the-knees. Legwear.

Whatever one’s taste, there is a style suited to it. Indeed, in recent years there has been a dizzying array of options in pattern, texture and color. Suddenly, shopping for legwear has become nearly as involved as shopping for shoes and shifts. However, it is a markedly less expensive experience. If a body goes on a buying binge she is less likely to break her piggybank or max out her AMEX Black Card.

Photo from Hanes Web site.

Fall 2012 brings it. Only interested in the basic, black affair? Hanes will be very happy to oblige with its new patent-pending opaque Silk Reflections Blackout Convert-A-Tights. Hanes is one of the first companies outside of the dancewear industry to create a convertible that goes from a tight to a leggings and vice versa. The switch is made possible by a small pocket that accommodates the toes for tights or folds neatly at the ankle for leggings. It’s an easy transition, and the durable opaque material won't be easily ripped by toes or toenails. (See instructional video at top).

For Fall 2012, Hanes also embraces texture and pattern with the sexy and sturdy Silk Reflections Lace Trellis Control Top Pantyhose pantyhose (pictured above). This style is not a little wisp of a thing that will run on a second wearing, yet the patterned hose do have sheerness that suggests lightness that most women prefer for after-5. They are comfortable, too. As with the Convert-A-Tights, Yours Truly looks forward to third, fourth, fifth wearings and so on. (

There's a whole lot going on elsewhere in patterned and textured legwear: Argyle, plaid, sequined lace, studs, cut-outs, out-of-this-world prints, polka dots, florals, geometric shapes and on and on and on … Over at Emilio Cavallini, it is “Risque Business.” Imagine a woman in the privacy of her boudoir trying on many styles – one more enticing than the one that precedes it – in search of just the right look. (See above video of Fall 2012 collection shown during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in February,

The narrative in legwear continues with the following:

Jonathan Aston

Photos from Jonathan Aston Web site.
Multiple patterns on one canvass? If it works, why not. And so it is with Jonathan Aston where, for instance, florals can co-exist with polka dots and polka dots can mix with opaques. (

Looks from London

Photos from Looks from London Web site.
Meanwhile, Looks from London looks good, explaining the peacock stocking. And at the same time can be a little wild with studs and huge cutouts in a spider web pattern. (


Photos from Silkies Web site.
Silkies adds a little fur to a basic black over-the knee et voila! And that pattern that may have originated on a dress, skirt or top has found its way onto the legs. (

Zohara Tights

Fashion is art, and two-year-old Zohara Tights knows it. If emotions can be worn on the sleeve, surely art can be worn on the leg, just below the knee where it can see and be seen. That includes pop art, too, in the form of Mtriuskas, Marilyn Monroe, Geishas and feathers. (
Photos from Zohara Tights Facebook page.


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