Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Day 10: Finding a Magic Tonic in Bumble and bumble 'Hairdresser's Invisible Oil'

HEAD’S UP: Is it December already? YES, it is. In many parts of the world that means it is holiday gifting season. For many, the very idea presents a little conundrum. They have no idea what to gift, poor things! These are the very souls that the elves at VEVLYN’S PEN endeavor to lend a hand. We’re starting a bit early this year with our humble Holiday Gift Guide, because the spirit hit us and … well … we’re filled with the spirit! From today through 24 Dec., every day or every other day or so – willy-nilly, actually – we will introduce one or a series of products/services, items and brands that we believe would make a smashing holiday gift(s). And (as the old saying goes) … we’re off!!!


ladies, a hair oil that will never leave your hair feeling greasy or dirty!

Introducing Bumble and bumble “Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil,” my new hair weapon. Blow drying and ironing hair is either an everyday practice or a chore for some. Taming the frizz can either make or break the hour spent in smoothing out the locks.

The "Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil” is a high-performance product that contains a blend of natural oils and extracts. It will leave your tresses feeling soft, giving it a lightweight feel that will have you saying oh la la with every flip of the hair. (See video above.)

A secret backstage at fashion shows is combining the invisible oil with Bumble and bumble "Thickening Hairspray”. Together, they add volume. (Click on link to see video:

Personally, I think I’ve tried more than 13 different hair oils in an attempt to tame the frizzies after I iron my hair. All have weighed down and greased up the strands.

The Bumble and bumble "Hairdresser's Invisible Oil" does its work without a lot of fuss. Photos from Bumble and bumble Web site.

“Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil" leaves the hair shiny, static and frizz-free with a clean, light scent that is not overbearing. It doesn’t matter whether you are twirling your hair at the ends, flipping it out or ironing it pin straight.

You can apply the oil on wet or dry hair, before or after using heating products, I recommend always rubbing a few extra drops on your ends. I have overindulged when using this product with no worry about my forehead becoming shiny from absorbing runny oil mid-afternoon after my morning application.

The Bumble and bumble "Hairdresser's Invisible Oil" and "Thickening Hairspray" are a dream team of sorts.

I use the oil throughout the day to freshen up the locks and calm the cowlicks. As an added bonus, it shields hair from UV rays.

Visit to learn more about Bumble and bumble “Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil," including purchase information and additional tips on how to use it with other Bumble and bumble products.

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