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Holiday Gift Guide Day 2: Links of London, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics Making Effort

The YUM glazes are good enough to eat. Photos from PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics.

HEAD’S UP: Is it December already? YES, it is. In many parts of the world that means it is holiday gifting season. For many, the very idea presents a little conundrum. They have no idea what to gift, poor things! These are the very souls that the elves at VEVLYN’S PEN endeavor to lend a hand. We’re starting a bit early this year with our humble Holiday Gift Guide, because the spirit hit us and … well … we’re filled with the spirit! From today through 24 Dec., every day or every other day or so – willy-nilly, actually – we will introduce one or a series of products/services, items and brands that we believe would make a smashing holiday gift(s). And (as the old saying goes) … we’re off!!!

IN theory one could spread the Yum Glaze Strawberry on his or her toast. However, it is recommended that the balm be spread on the lips to provide moisture and sheen.

What? Lip balm on toast?!?! Yes, conceivably. The Yum Glaze Strawberry along with Blueberry, Citrus and Raspberry are USDA organic, making them consumable as food, though they were not created to be eaten.

The lip balms are from PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, a newish non-profit cosmetics company that doesn’t use toxic ingredients – "No Nasty Anything!” is it slogan – in its lip balms, Lip Gloss, Lip Paint, Nail Paint, Lip Balm, YUM Balms or Nail Polish Remover.

Eco-Moist Lip Paints made at least one "best" list.

These products have been doing a world of good and can continue to do so, if PeaceKeepr Cause-Metics can pull it off.

Here’s the deal, the Brooklyn-based company run by social entrepreneur and activist Jody R. Weiss, got hammered by Hurricane Sandy. Under five feet of water, most of its stock was wiped out; computers were destroyed and on and on. But not all of the stock was damaged.

Like the YUM Balms, a few things survived and all are available as PeaceKeeper Holiday Gift Sets. The sale will go a long way toward helping PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics regroup, remanufacture, and retain its place on the shelves of Whole Foods Market and others that carry the brand. In other words, PeaceKeeper needs around $40K quick, fast and in a hurry to re-up.

Of course, not every company can be saved. There are, however, compelling reasons to save this particular one. This is in part why crowd-sourced holiday shopping Web site, Indiegogo (, has provided PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics a platform on which to make its pitch.

Note that PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics is a non-profit company. It donates all of its after-tax profits to causes (hence, the name) dedicated to promoting the overall health and well-being of women around the world. This goes double for the millions of women trying to make it happen on less than one dollar a day. (See video above.)

PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics really has been putting its money where its mouth is. PeaceKeeper UNIFEM Gloss dollars have gone to the United Nations Trust Fund To Eliminate Violence Against Women. Eternal Equity Gloss profits women who live on less than one dollar a day to the tune of $1. Proceeds from V-Day Gloss, conceived with Eve Ensler(“The Vagina Monologues”) have been directed at causes dedicated to ending violence against women. So far, about $100K has gone out.

Alas, these products must be remanufactured. Ready for purchase, however, are the organic lipstick, eco-smooth nail polish and YUM glaze. They are the contents of the $25 PeaceKeeper Gift Box, the most economical of the seven gift boxes.

Natural nail polish is pretty and vegan.

Up the food chain, $100 nets two gift boxes. Each contains the organic lipstick, eco-smooth nail polish and USDA certified organic YUM glaze. They also come with two Eco-Sensual lip balms, YUM Balm, Conflict Resolution Card and a “crazy-good” Freddie Bryant CD.

Six gift boxes filled with the aforementioned, plus dinner with PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics founder JRW, plus a sterling silver necklace and, a two works of art can be had for $2,500.

to learn more about the PeaceKeeper Holiday Gift Sets and to learn more about PeaceKeepr Cause-Metics.

FEED Silver Leaf & Green Cord Bracelet

IT is a length of cording in Kelly green. Binding it are three pieces of silver hardware. One bears an insignia.

Most would probably think the Links of London FEED Silver Leaf & Green Cord Bracelet rather attractive, and so it is.

The FEED Green Leaf Bracelet was designed to bring about good in the world. Photo from Links of London.

The bracelet, with FEED engraving, makes a bold fashion statement but also carries a more subtle message. It was designed with children in mind, specifically those affected by natural disasters.

Heretofore, Links of London had partnered with the FEED Foundation to only use proceeds from the sale of the bracelet to provide 50 school meals wherever needed in the world. Now, through 31 Dec., the UK-based jeweler, is also donating 10 percent of sales from its $125.00 little charmer ( to the FEED NYC Relief Fund. FEED NYC is working to support those adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Visit to learn more about the FEED Foundation the FEED NYC Relief Fund

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