Monday, March 4, 2013

You’re a Forbes Gazillionaire. But Are You a Good CEO?

THE rich have certainly gotten richer.

Exhibit No. 1 is the release today of the "Forbes Magazine" list of the world’s richest folk, “The Forbes World’s Billionaires.”

The number has swelled to 1,426. Most are based in the United States; the richest of the rich hails from America, but not the USA. That distinction belongs to Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu ($73 billion). At No. 2 is Bill Gates ($67 billion). Tied for last place at 1342 are more than four score individuals worth exactly $1 billion. Most of the 1342 are from Asia. The most familiar name is newbie Tory Burch. The designer’s eponymous fashion label and company is also one of the most recognized business names amongst this number. Other familiar company names holding it down at 1342 are Spanx, Samsung, Xerox and Hallmark. (See video above of Forbes writers discussing the Top 10).

One name on "The Forbes World’s Billionaires" list that stood out is Mark Zuckerberg (No. 66, $13.3 billion). The Facebook co-founder came thisclose to making a rather dubious list: “Worst CEOs of 2012” compiled by Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Professor Sydney FinkelsteinMore shortly

Visit to see the complete 2013 list of “The Forbes World’s Billionaires.” Rx

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