Thursday, April 11, 2013

Betsey Johnson SS13 Dress Collection. Ha! Seriously.

HEAD’S UP: Was there any doubt that after debuting “Glimpses of Fall” last year that there would be a “Glimpses of Spring?” Of course, not! Same deal; different season: To help trade and to help VEVLYN’S PEN readers and followers (potential shoppers), Yours Truly will be bringing to your attention over the next few weeks or so various spring collections. Most Thursdays through Memorial Day or the first week of June – I haven’t decided yet; stay tuned – I’ll provide a peek at a line/brand/shop that I deem captivating and worthy of your notice. Happy shopping!

FOR the doubters, introducing the Betsey Johnson SS13 Dress Collection. Yes, dresses – and not a cheerleader costume in the mix. Actual. Dresses.

BJ is actually capable of designing clothes that real women – not extremely young females or drag queens – will wear.

Mixed media sundress. Some vital stats: V-neck, full skirt, smocked back. Top, 92% polyester, 8% spandex. Skirt, 70% cotton, 30% spandex. Photos from Betsey Johnson Web site.

Recall that she likes to have fun, and that was what she was doing all of those seasons when it seemed to many that she was not designing at all. When the rap on the former dancer and cartwheel specialist was that she was just feeding her ever-expanding branding machine. No one is denying any merit in such observations.

Color block tank dress. Some vital stats: accordion pleats, scoop neck, dropped waist; 100% polyester

Her eponymous brick&mortars may be no more, but BJ is still holding it down online and in Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Macy’s amongst other places. In fact, a few weeks back, the Macy’s windows at New York’s Herald Square flagship store went all-out BJ.

Striped dress. Some vital stats: twist allusion, crew neck; 95% rayon, 5% spandex

At Macy’s, BJ declared to all who had ears, “I'm back!!! Doing my dress thing. Pretty and punk, sweet and sexy, always rock 'n' roll."

Who knew BJ had gone anywhere? In any case, she's undertaken a little makeover or simply returned to some fundamentals. Indeed, a brush with insolvency and irrelevance can send a body back to the sewing room. Make a date to meet Zip Front Tank; Floral w/Peplum' Striped; Color Block Tank; Mixed Media Sundress and others.

Confetti print dress. Some vital stats: assymmetry, draping ruching; 95% polyester, 5% spandex

The fetching assortment is fun, flirty, insouciant. And wearable, proving that BJ can have her fun and produce a serious frock, too.

That’s worth at least two cartwheels, no?

Visit to learn more about Betsey Johnson SS13 Dress Collection. Rx

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