Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TFF Day 9: In 'The Pretty One,' Atypical Twin Drama

Zoe Kazan doing double duty as Laurel and Audrey in "The Pretty One." Photo provided by Tribeca Film Festival.

HERE’S a story that is rarely told in the movies or anywhere else: Twin loss.

No, no, no. Not the apparent relief of the good twin after, left with little choice, s/he throws the bad one into a vat of hot liquid, forever destroying the demon, provoking cheers from viewers.

Rather, when the loss of the remaining twin cuts to the core, making her feel that part of her has died. When the twins love each other truly, madly, deeply. When there is no good twin-bad twin dynamic.

When there is no evil twin to drive the drama in the narrative. Don’t see that very often, right?

Perhaps things are beginning to change with director Jenée LaMarque’s enchanting feature film debut, “The Pretty One.” It has its last showing during its world premiere run at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow night.

Zoe Kazan is illuminating as both the vivacious Audrey and languid Laurel in this modern-day fairytale … More shortly.

“The Pretty One” has its final screening on Thursday (25 April at 9 p.m.). Visit to learn more about it and the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, including tickets and schedule. Rx

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