Thursday, May 2, 2013

Natalia Allen Emerges From Lab With Forever

The McCardell 3/4 sleeve dress is made from Italian yarn and viscose. Photo from Natalia Allen.

HEAD’S UP: Was there any doubt that after debuting “Glimpses of Fall” last year that there would be a “Glimpses of Spring?” Of course, not! Same deal; different season: To help trade and to help VEVLYN’S PEN readers and followers (potential shoppers), Yours Truly will be bringing to your attention over the next few weeks or so various spring collections. Most Thursdays through Memorial Day or the first week of June – I haven’t decided yet; stay tuned – I’ll provide a peek at a line/brand/shop that I deem captivating and worthy of your notice. Happy shopping!

PSST! psst! Check out that dress. Yes, that one up there. The black. Form-fitting. Simple lines. Ready for anything you got.

It was designed by Natalia Allen. Don’t know her? No worries, you will soon enough. That is, you will know her work. The little black affair is from NA's SS2013 Forever Collection. It’s intentionally a capsule line for several reasons to be explained later.

Oh, and it was designed by a robot. Yes, a robot. Let that marinade … More shortly. Rx

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