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Cinema for Peace Org Likes What Nicole K. Stands For

Nicole Kidman and Lakshmi Puri with the awards they received from the Cinema for Peace Foundation. Photos by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images.

12 July 2013/BERLIN – NICOLE Kidman wears numerous hats: mother, movie star, married lady and activist. It is in this latter role that she has been recognized by the Cinema for Peace Foundation (CPF).

The actor received an honorary award from the CPF for her long-term commitment to women’s rights issues, a cause she has undertaken personally and as Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. ( The agency is a United Nations organization that advocates for female empowerment and gender equality.

NK traveled to Cinema for Peace Foundation headquarters in Berlin to pick up this latest trohpy in person. Also honored was Lakshmi Puri, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Acting Head of UN Women.

Nicole and Fatou: Two formidable women in the cause of justice and equality.

It was quite the megawatt, woman-power affair at Soho House Berlin. Also in attendance were Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, German actress Veronica Ferres, and Bianca Jagger, former partygirl / socialite / wife of Mick and current ambassador of the European Council. ((

Cinema for Peace Foundation was founded in 2008 by writer, concert promoter and producer Jaka Bizilj. Its mission is to promote world peace and understanding by supporting films that focus on peace, human rights and environmental rights / preservation issues. Further, the foundation is tasked with meeting the mandates of both the Cinema for Peace Initiative and Cinema for Peace Gala.

The gala is a cash cow, raising funds that have benefited numerous do-gooder orgs, including J/P Haitian Relief Organization, (; Elton John AIDS Foundation, (; Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, (; Amnesty International, (, and The United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF, (

The prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, and the ambassador, Bianca Jagger, have a moment during the Cinema for Peace Foundation ceremony.

NK and LP join actor / director / activist Sean Penn and director / screenwriter Lars von Trier who have previously received the CPF award.

Visit to learn more about Cinema for Peace Foundation, Cinema for Peace Initiative and Cinema for Peace FoundationGala.

Nasty Boy: Two Faces of Jim Jones Are Exposed

9 July 2013/NEW YORK – JIM Jones is two-faced.

This simple truth became very clear at the release party of his new single, “Nasty Girl.” It went down at Griffin in the Meatpacking District. (See video above).

“Nasty Girl” Bridge
Why you always talkin that nasty shit?
(nasty girl nasty girl)
You know I be lovin that nasty shit
(she a nasty girl she a nasty girl)

On VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop,” and Chrissy & Mr Jones,” he presents to the world a laconic, loving guy. A man of a few, lazy words. He adores his mother; crazy about his woman, though he has yet to marry her. This is one of the main hooks of “Chrissy & Mr Jones,” a spinoff of “Love and Hip Hop. It premiered last September and Season 2 will presumably be announced shortly.

That’s one face – call it the TV face. The other face is that of a rapper, currently a solo artist and formerly a member of Dipset, less popularly known as The Diplomats..

Unbeknownst to Yours Truly, who accidentally watched two seasons of “Love and Hip Hop” over Memorial Day weekend and developed an admiration for the man, JJ is the kind of rapper who calls women out of their names and uses plenty of other language, too.

Mr Jones and Chrissy embark have a new hustle(s). Photo from Vh1.

“Nasty Girl” (Verse)
Uh I keep bitches that love bitches
I eat bitches like that bitches
(nasty) you damn right that life bitches
I take the roof off and on like light switchers
So now I'm down like 3 bands
I ain't Future but she cop again 3 bands
I was on er like a nigga had 3 hands
Fat ass bow legged how she stand
I told er come with me and cover me
She said the pussy cool it's money she don't care for free
She said put your tux on it
Couture on your feet I put a stack on it like

Granted, as a reporter I should have known this. Immediately after watching the last episode of Season 2 of “Love and Hip Hop,” after I observed that it is the best of the “housewife” (city, club, region, sports, occupation) reality shows. Straightaway, I should have started using Google, especially as it regards JJ.

Perhaps, I didn’t want to know. The romantic in me refused to seek out reason. She was so taken by this character who showed up in Miami at the end of Season 2 of “Love and Hip Hop” with a gi-normous engagement ring for his wayward girl, Chrissy Lampkin, that she just presumed that JJ was one of the good guys who didn’t partake in that dreaded form of rap music.

One found out soon enough. Actually, the song’s title - “Nasty Girl” - should have been a clue. In fact, it was a clue. However, someone was in denial, going so far as to convince herself that it was an ironic title that sang the praises of a girl who was so good that she was nasty. Like that’s a baaaaaad hat, meaning a really good hat, a sharp hat.

A colleague at the release party who comments on urban culture asked incredulously, “You haven’t heard Jim Jones’ music? ‘Nasty Girl’ is mild.”

“Nasty Girl” (Pre-Hook)
Why you always talkin that nasty shit?
(doin nasty shit doin nasty shit)
You know I be lovin that nasty shit
(that nasty shit that nasty shit)

Fat ass n shit back it on again
I love you again you love the step
Go and bend that back I throw them racks
I'll work on that work on that

What could a body say? This one said, ‘No,’ explaining why, as is being disclosed here.

Subsequent research has revealed that "Nasty Girl" is on the mild side by JJ standards. Interestingly enough, his biggest hit to date, "We Fly High," keeps the bitches, niggas and motherfuckers to a minimum. It also has a more cogent, potent narrative than much of the rest of his work, especially the newbie.

“Nasty Girl” is a perfectly awful record, as you have probably ascertained if you have been reading the lyrics. If you and you and you had tried to foist this ... material upon the public or iTunes you might have had bodily harm visited upon your person. The single seems slapdash, and maybe it was.

After all, this was part of a taping of the second season of “Chrissy & Mr Jones.” Maybe JJ needed to come up with some quick and dirty material for the show. To that end, he hastily assembled his crew in the studio for a couple of hours to lay down some tracks under such brilliant prose as:

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones are the picture of unwedded bliss. Photo from "Chrissy & Mr Jones" Facebook page.

I'm a dog I don't need molly
For yo girl on her knees prolly
Pilla seen she a cold bitch
She the stylest of the bitch of the whole ghet
I'm d she need head room
So I bang her head on the head rest
(girl I put that ass on bed rest)
And I ain't scared I eat the cooch
No fuss I gotta leave the coupe
You let a rich bitch speak the truth
That's the last time I speak to you
and so on.

As your intrepid guide sat in Griffin sipping an Anestasia Vodka (one of the evening’s sponsors) on the rocks listening to JJ's live performance, I asked myself, “What are you doing here?”

I also wanted to ask two-faced JJ, “Why you always talkin that nasty shit?”

Visit to learn more about “Chrissy & Mr Jones.”

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