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Hoping Trayvon Martin Verdict Will Spur You to Action

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HEAD’S UP: The furor over the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin will reach a fever pitch before it tamps down. Already, violence and mayhem have followed what many believe was an obscene miscarriage of justice. Americans are angry; people around the world are horrified. Regardless of the verdict, the loss of such a young, promising life and the irreparable harm to GZ’s life are both a tragedy. As a nation and a world, of course, we will weather this latest upset as we always do. Amid our furor, however, it is reassuring that cool, calm heads are among us. Such a one is Cedric Leake, who in his quiet way, asks us to use the incident as a catalyst for meaningful reflection.


have received a few emails from family, friends, revelers and others regarding the Martin/Zimmerman verdict.

I do feel your pain and would like to suggest that you consider another take on all that has transpired.

Some of you are aware that I received multiple gunshot wounds to the back and to my right arm in Washington, D.C. I was an 11-year-old boy. It actually happened on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House is on the north side of the street.

This incident from my youth, unbeknownst to me at the time, has been a bitter/sweet gift from the creator that has kept on giving. I’m prefacing with my own “testimonial,” if you will, to say that the media version of what occurs in these situations is rarely if ever the truth. It wasn’t in my case and I am certain that the Martin case, like myriad others, is no different. Take a “what if” journey with me and riddle me this:

What if?: There are people/entities/energies that actually understand that color, gender, occupation, class, geography, ethnocentricity, religion, etc. do not really matter;

What if?: All that we “perceive” as “reality” and “important” and good or bad is really just an illusion, an illusion that can be programmed or manipulated by whomever has a clear grasp of this knowledge and decides not to use this advantage for good;

What if?: Through control of this knowledge one could completely usurp humankind’s ability to see the oneness and power and majesty of a singular energy source of creation from which all things flow. An energy that is within every single cell of every single ripple that emanates from this “source” of creation.

What if?: Through temperance you could remove the dross from your divine connection to creation and know that who you really are is much bigger and more profound than the labels and bins you allow others, and ultimately yourself, to put you in.

My daily challenge to myself, and now to you if you are in pain because of this verdict, is to make sure to take a moment each day to remember and know your innate, proper and correct connection to the source from whom all creation flows.

The recollection of this knowledge is extremely liberating; it will instantly free you from the pangs of an illusion put in place to assist in your own ultimate demise. To assist in your own repression and imprisonment of the voice of truth that resonates and vibrates within each of us, regardless of color, gender, occupation, class, geography, ethnocentricity, religion, etc.

And while you’re reflecting, please send up a positive shout for the 2.5 young men and boys “of color” between 18- and 25-year-old (and their families) who have been killed everyday in Chicago since 1 January of this year. They were assisted to their demise by gun-toting young men and boys of color.

Oddly enough, this fact seems to have garnered no significant attention of note. From any corner. This is an astronomical rate of death! Daily. (This is higher than the death rate of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq.) …

All of creation is more similar than different. This is a scientifically/genetically proven fact. So, as painful and f’d up as this Martin/Zimmerman case seems, be vigilant. See things and your relation to them for what they are rather than the grossly distorted version fed to you by some outside entity. Be proactive, not reactive.

If you do the latter, the house will win (as it always does when the odds are overwhelmingly in its favor). History has proved this time and again. I wish stillness and tranquility for you all. It’s the easiest and best way I have found to stay in tune with my inner knowledge, power and connection to the source of all creation.

Be encouraged; truth will prevail.

Cedric Leake lives and works in New York City.

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