Thursday, September 19, 2013

In New York, Fashion Is Very Much in Style


Yorkers were still returning from an extended Labor Day holiday, marking the official end of summer and a return to worldly matters, with hardly a moment to spare before paying an eight-day homage to fashion.

Steeped in theatricality and joie de vivre, the beginning of the fashion season is eagerly anticipated by those who hope for a turn in trend, or new silhouette, genuine creativity and commercial potential.

Perennial favorites Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Mark Jacobs and Ralph Lauren shared the spotlight with newcomers British brand, All Saints, and Israeli Alon Livné. (See video of CH at top and video of AL show below).

First of all it’s wonderful to see so many New Yorkers or people in New York wearing something other than basic, boring black. Just Love It!, seeing folks channeling their inner fashionista in all manner of color and style. The guys donned bowties and bowlers; the girls stepped out in everything, from flowers to skulls, and of course, my favorite basics – metallics and animal prints.

Second, the shows had something for every style, so there is no palpable trend. Geometrical silhouettes jockeyed along with tulip skirts, bias cuts and pencil skirts. Girls, it’s your choice. Know your body and dress accordingly. The lack of a solid trend hurts commercially, therefore look for a season of more accessories, with spending trending toward jewelry, handbags, shoes and booties.

I did see faux fur and vegan leather (remember pleather?!). Also spotted were bare midriffs and cutouts (marginal at best) and higher waistlines. This could suggest the start of a trend. We’ll see.

Third, RL and CH are the height of elegance. You just can’t go wrong when they dress you. And J Crew is so wearable, so accessible – and talk about vanity sizing (even I’m a 2)! Thank you Mickey and Jenna for elevating fabrications for the masses. (See video of J Crew show below).

I only attended half of the shows I planned to see. The lines were long and the tents were full. Fashion is alive and well in NYC!

I can’t wait until February to experience it all over again.

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