Thursday, September 12, 2013

MBFW Day7: A Very Fitting End (in the Tents)

HEAD’S UP: It's Fashion Week, baby! Who's ready? We're ready! And we have a slight tweak to share. Of course, we still endeavor to provide a roundup of the best, worst and most interesting Yours Truly&Co. witnesses, from trends to sightings to the rather unusual/bizarre. The tweak has been inspired by Twitter. The coverage will focus, as has become the custom, on what truly inspires or what is so painfully hideous that it is remarkable. However, we will tell that story in 50 words or less. Yes, 50. Or less. Ready? Let the games begin ...

Day 7 (SOME of the players at the tents and elsewhereAnna Sui, Betsey Johnson, B. Michael America, Clover Canyon, Bibhu Mohapatra, Brandon Sun, Dion Lee, Emerge, FrontRow, J. Mendel, Malan by Malan Breton, Meskita, Michael Kors, Milly by Michelle Smith, Nanette Lepore, Osklen, Rachel Zoe, T. Tandon

them how it’s done!

IMG, the outfit that produces Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has got to get some shows in the tents on Thursday, the last official day of fashion week.

So anti-climactic to end on a whimper, which often happens on Wednesday night, the last night of shows in the tents. No so, at B. Michael America, the last one standing.

A security guard standing next to Yours Truly watching the show pronounced that he was looking at “nothing special.” He was not off the mark, though it was a competent effort with some dashes of spice and a high-energy presentation format.

If there was one highlight of the show, it was the last model in the last outfit. She undertook a few masterful turns, showing off to good effect the silk lavender mermaid dress without bringing undue attention to herself. What can a body say? The girl has some moves that other girls should copy. Awed audience showed its appreciation. A back to the future moment when New York fashion shows were a spectacle, in a good way. (See video above.)

On Deck today, Last Day: Alhassan Toure, Ana Segura, Calvin Klein, Just Dance with Boy Meets Girl, Edwing D’Angelo, Ralph Lauren

Visit to learn more about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, including show information and videos.

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