Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Last Day: S/He Has Everything? Including a Batmobile?

Holy convertible! You never know when s/he might need a Batmobile to undertake a rescue. Photos from Hammacher Schlemmer.

HEAD’S UP: Where did the year go? Already? Yes, the Yuletide Season is in swing. And, yes, once again you are bewitched, bothered and bewildered. What to get auntie, grandpa, madea, nana, papa … little Virginia? Don’t get yourself into a lather when the elves at VEVLYN’S PEN are on the case. Continuing every other day or so through 24 Dec., we will introduce one or a series of products, items and brands that we believe is worthy of consideration as a holiday gift(s).

S/HE has any and everything a body could ever want. Good looks, health, money to burn. And money to rebuild from the ashes.

S/he doesn't need anything. This is not the sort of person you can buy for. S/he doesn't need a gift card, and somehow a Best Buy gift card just doesn't seem right. Of course, give to her/his favorite charity. Great idea.

But, wait a minute. Does s/he have a Batmobile or a fortune teller named Zoltar? Thought not.

Zoltar, the fortune teller, is a wise one.

Get yourself on the phone or on the World Wide Web to Hammacher Schlemmer. The purveyor of the absolutely practical and veriest impractical whatnots in the world, has the one, two, three, four, dozen things s/he is missing ... More shortly.

Visit http://www.hammacher.com/Default.aspx to learn more about other out-there and down-to-earth finds a Hammacher Schlemmer.

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