Wednesday, July 30, 2014

After Radiance Tea House and Fine Asian Cuisine, Chinese Food Will Never Be the Same

Golden Crispy Crumbs Salmon has a massive amount of flavors. Photo by Edward Dai.

A symphony of flavors is exploding on my palate. I am not able to identify any one in particular, however. My lone impression is that all is delicious. Beautiful. Transportive.

Perhaps, it is difficult to nail down any particular flavor because the Golden Crispy Crumbs Salmon is prepared using Chef Zizhao Luo's top secret "uniquely flavorful golden crispy crumbs."

Yours Truly is sampling the new tasting menu at Radiance Tea House and Fine Asian Cuisine, a Cantonese restaurant in Midtown East. Hands down, this five-course affair is the best Chinese food I have consumed in my entire life ... More shortly.

Visit to learn more about Radiance Tea House and Fine Asian Cuisine.

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