Friday, July 11, 2014

'Fed Up' With Simplistic Blame Game of Fat Documentary

“FED UP,” the documentary about the colossal obesity problem in the United States – particularly among children – is a damning indictment of the food industry, even likening it to a cocaine dealer.

Produced in part by Katie Couric, the film has lots of folk in its amen corner, including First Lady Michelle Obama. But professional foodie Lisa Cimperman asserts that the film seems to give a pass to an important combatant in the obesity fight – you, you and you. (See film trailer above).

"The movie seeks to remove blame from the individual who is obese and overweight," says LC, a clinical dietitian at Cleveland's University Hospitals Case Medical Center. "The overriding theme is the food industry and sugar are responsible for driving the obesity epidemic."

“Fed Up” continues a slow crawl across the United States, opening today in several theaters in Alabama, California and Colorado ... More shortly.

“Fed Up" is rated PG for thematic elements including smoking images, and brief mild language;

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