Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monsieur Belange Generation Z: Morphing a Mere Mortal Into a Super Man

AS I am watching the Monsieur Belange SS2015 Generation Z collection on the short runway, I am thinking that these clothes are fit for a man with swagger.

A secure man, one who knows what he's about. He is at ease blending in or standing out, though he mostly stands out, especially in the black leather cropped pullover and matching shorts with bands at the torso and legs. (He will really be set apart if he has a six pack approaching anything like the model's.)

From the Monsieur Belange Spring-Summer 2015 collection. Photo by Yours Truly.

Boyfriend does not follow the trends; he sets the trends. A case in point is the gold print agbada (men's gown) – sans pants. And sans matching fila (hat), but with big hair.

Rather baroque observations, for sure. Nevertheless, this is the lingering impression left by this latest line from Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based designer Patrick Nwosu.

The collection, truly edgy, debuted last night at the Alchemical Studios in the Chelsea section of New York City. (See the video at top) ... More shortly.

Visit to learn more about Monsieur Belange.

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