Monday, December 7, 2015

Move Over Flip, Lassie, Rex and Rover. Make Room for Dino – Man's (and Woman's) New BFF

The Dino Pet is as much fun but not nearly the responsibility of a traditional pet. Photo by Yours Truly.

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PROBLEM: You’ve always wanted a pet or have wanted a pet for a long time.

But you’re too busy with your career to properly care for one. Or your parents don’t think you are old or responsible enough. You may not feel that you are up to the physical demands of caring for a pet, particularly the care of a dog.

It has to be fed several times a day. Walked at least twice a day. Of course, whether cat, dog, bird or iguana, there are health care costs. What to do?

At night, Dino Pet has a blue glow or bioluminescence. Photo from BioPop Web site.

SOLUTION: Dino Pet, a most perfect solution. And only around $60.

Regardless of your career status, age of consent or physical abilities – even if you are slightly irresponsible – you can very likely be a good parent to a Dino Pet. It is one of several nifty little whatnots that Yours Truly encountered during a recent visit to the Fab Holiday Pop-In pop-up shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The pop-up has shut down but the products, including Dino Pet, can still be had.

The diminutive (6"x3"x6") Dino Pet, roughly shaped like a dinosaur without a tail, is a living organism filled with microscopic sea life called dinoflagellates. Though a lifeform, Dino Pet does not require the care of a traditional pet. It does not have to be walked.

And while it does not poop, it should be fed a diet made up of nutrients dissolved in sterile salt water every seven to 14 days to enjoy a long, happy life.

Dino Pet food is nutritious but not for human consumption. Photo from BioPop Web site.

Dino Pet is nontoxic and so is its food. The food is also vegan, gluten-free, nonGMO, nonprocessed with no artificial flavors or colors.

Like the best traditional pets, Dino Pet is interactive. Left to its own devices during the day in a bright room outside of direct sunlight, it – or the dinoflagellates inside – photosynthesizes.

Dino is adorable, no? Photo by Yours Truly.

At night, it glows a brilliant blue. Gently shake Dino Pet, and behold the greatest little light show this side of a solar eclipse. Its blue glow is called bioluminescence.

Speaking of bioluminescence, it is precisely what some mad-dash scientists at an outfit called BioPop were trying to create – or rather biological light – when they birthed Dino Pet.

What a happy accident!

Visit to learn more about Dino Pet, including how/where to order.

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