Saturday, January 30, 2016

THE WRIGHT WREPORT: Name Has Changed; Our Sense and Sensibility Are the Same

Some things have changed since 2015.


IT’S a new year – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – and it has swept in some changes at our humble, little publication. For starters, we’ve tweaked our name.

You can now call us The Wright Wreport featuring VEVLYN’S PEN or The Wright Wreport, for short. Like it? We hope so. We sure do!

This new year will bring other changes, too. Heretofore, my byline has been YOURS TRULY and has only appeared on cowritten articles. Henceforth, my articles (and photos), such as this one, will carry the simple byline, V.W.

Yet another change is a renovation. More specifically, expect a new and improved layout. This is yet months off, though, so consider this only an early-bird heads up.

Though the name has changed, the high standards of journalism that are our stock in trade remain the same. Our address is also unchanged: Even when we transition over to The Wright Wreport, you will still be able to reach us at, though we encourage you to make the transition with us.

Team VEVLYN’S PEN ... er ... The Wright Wreport Team has been on a short sabbatical since the holidays. However, do note dear, dear readers that we return wrefreshed, wrecharged and wreinvigorated.

Indeed, we are as committed as ever to informing, entertaining, inspiring and engaging in the realm of art&culture / fashion&beauty / food&drink / movies&music / theater&TV …

Next week, we bring you New York Fashion Week: Men’s FW 2016 and more. Stay tuned!

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